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“Yes and…”, not “Yes, but…” in Business and Blog Writing

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As Chic Thompson points out in the book Yes, But…, people’s minds usually see first what is wrong with a new idea, and “Yes-butters” come up with excuses for inaction.

As marketers, though, we can see “Yes, but…” as a request for more information and more proof. Turning the conversation into a “yes, and…” allows a dialogue, Thompson advises.


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Blog posts are actually the perfect vehicles for defusing “Yes-but”s. Each time you post content, you’re adding to the overall power of the “and.” Certainly the online searchers who found your blog may have concerns and may be incompletely informed, but the very fact they were directed to your blog means they had an interest in your subject and are looking for the very sort of products, services, and information you’re eager to provide!

Directly addressing problems and misinformation in blog writing goes a long way towards shedding light on your expertise and gaining the trust of your readers. Incorporating testimonials from clients whose knotty issues you were able to solve helps prove that your business can satisfy the needs of searchers as well. You may find the only thing that has not been working for prospects is the old, “Yes-but…” way of viewing the issue!

Examples of this phenomenon come from every corner of our professional and personal lives. Examples include:

Dealing With Objections in Recruiting

Objection handling means not overcoming those objections, but using them to further steer the conversation in the direction the recruiter wants it to go. Or saying “yes” to the objection “and” saying what’s next. (Source: Top Echelon)

Dealing With Objections in Negotiations

Principled negotiation involves two or more parties working together to best address their mutual interests with objectively fair solutions. Negotiation, therefore, is moving toward what both parties want. (Source: Getting to Yes)

Dealing With Objections in Teaching

Each time you explain an idea, you are working to get what you want while meeting the other person’s need to learn. You are affirming information you know to be true and they are adding to it as they build understanding. (Source:

Dealing With Distractions in the World of Sales

There are countless models, but one common one is represented by the acronym LEAR. That sequence involves four steps: Listen, Acknowledge, Explore, and Respond. (Source Carew International

Dealing With Objections in Parenting

Is junior denying what you want? Stay calm and don’t overreact when you think your child is being disrespectful. Focus on teaching problem-solving alternatives. (Source: Children’s Success Foundation)

Dealing With Objections in the Blogger World

There are people out there reading your blog who have already decided that your product or service is too expensive, or that it won’t work for them, or that it’s too good to be true. They want you to prove to them that they’re wrong! Write the blog post as though you’re describing a benefit, when really you’re overcoming an invisible objection. (Source: Blogspiration)

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In just about any business interaction, a key secret is to change the conversation toward opportunity. Being positive means saying “yes, we can do that” and then adding what else you can do—especially if it is unexpected! Ensure those business blog posts include the basis that everyone is anticipating, of course, but also what you offer that makes your organization truly special.

After all, it’s what comes after the “and” that is the reason you do what you do. And it’s also the reason your customers keep coming back.

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