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Writers: Work On Your Workflow

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Writing is a passion of mine. It’s something I’ve been doing as a hobby since I was 9 years old and I still need help from time to time with managing my workflow!

I’m a smartphone junkie, much like the rest of us, I usually have the thing glued to my hand. I’m always on the lookout for a new app that will totally rock my world. I’ve written an article before on how writers can try to become more productive. My favorite tip from that article is one that I still use to this day:

When you get the chance to write, seize it.

Most writers don’t only sit and write all day. Plenty of us have other duties to attend to. Maybe you’re freelancing and need to keep your eye on other opportunities. Or you not only write but help manage a website. Those other tasks will take up parts of your day as well. So as soon as you get a chance to jot some words down, take it! You never know how busy you will be tomorrow or the day after. Every moment of time is precious for writers!

As you read these words, I have a baby with a 102 degree fever that is demanding the majority of my attention. So, I split my time. I come back to the computer, type out the next sentence, maybe even more if I’m lucky! So when The Writing Cooperative put out a list of their favorite apps to help improve your workflow as a writer, naturally I was super excited. They didn’t let me down, either! I picked a few of my favorites below!

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4. Writefull — Mac OS / Windows / Linux / Google Chrome Extension

I’m a big fan of apps that you can use across multiple platforms. Writefull is definitely one of those apps. As a writer, it can sometimes be hard to recall words or expressions. They’re right on the tip of your tongue but you’re drawing a blank. Writefull can help with that!

The free to use app helps you whenever you are insecure about certain phrases or words. It lets you search for the frequency of use, synonyms and will even find words which fit into a specific context.

Writefull will give you feedback on your writing by comparing your text to its database of correct language. No more wracking your brain for those words that got away!

3. Noisli — Web App / Google Chrome Extension

Are you one of those people that can’t work in dead, deafening silence? Many times, I would put music on in order to get stuff done in my pre-baby life. Now, I get to listen to her TV shows in the background. Is it better? Nope. Does it work? Kind of. That’s why Noisli is super appealing to me.

Briefly described, it lets you set up a productive sound environment by using ambient sounds and combining them. Therefore Noisli offers a large variety of sounds and different presets which can be customized in any way.

1. Notion — Mac OS / Windows / IOS / Web App

If you’re toiling away on some intense and difficult articles, this may be an app you want to download right now! All that research you’ve been compiling can get messy and confusing. Notion can step in and easily help you keep track of everything.

Using blocks and combining them to a page, you can do pretty much everything you want and embed Maps, Tweets, Files, Videos, Images or even InVision Projects.

Not only that, but several authors can easily collaborate on a single project without causing massive dysfunction and confusion.

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Alyssa Shea

Alyssa Shea

Alyssa Shea transplanted from Illinois to South Carolina. She loves to write, read, and spend time with her dog and her family. Alyssa is very active on social media. She has been part of the AccelaWork team since 2013.
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