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5 Ways To Give Your Workspace A Boost

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Your office space can either make or break you. Where we work plays such a huge role in our productivity throughout the day. The good thing is that more companies are finally starting to notice.

The website, Inc., published an article that every employer (and employee) should read. The difference between a messy and confused workspace versus something airy and open can easily be seen in the kind of work we yield. More companies are beginning to realize how huge of an effect this has and want to do something about it, but are hitting some roadblocks:

Real estate projections estimate the average for all companies for square feet per worker will be as low under 151 square feet in 2017. And in cities like Chicago, a 9% increase in office rents downtown are forcing businesses to downsize their space and to start thinking about space efficiency.

Allowing workers to telecommute never seemed like a better idea! If you’re not in a position where you can work from home, then maybe it’s time to spruce up the office. Even if it’s not a company-wide mandatory fix, you can still use some of these tips while taking a look at your own personal space at work, and making some much needed changes. Check out Inc’s suggestions below and our thoughts as well!


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1. Purge Everything for a Fresh Start

Let’s get back to the bare bones, before all the graphs and spreadsheets cluttered every surface and all the hand-me-down furnishings and enormous office machinery took over. You really need to see the space with new eyes and it’s likely you either forgot what it even looked like at the start or maybe you came in after everything was already in place. Start downsizing. Empty desks rarely used or awkwardly large tables need to go. You only need to accommodate your employee’s current needs. Think of it like all of those redecorating shows you see on TV; they yank everything out before they start to put it back together.

2. Don’t Forget About Light

We here at The Methodology Blog are big fans of natural light as it actually has been proven to increase productivity. Now, if it’s not in the budget to install more windows, you can still brighten up your spot with better lighting. Maybe it’s time to finally realize that most people would prefer to work in the dark than under flickering, fluorescent lighting. Also, if you’re looking to add color, try to avoid any heavy or dark shades, as lighter colors can improve focus.

3. Provide More Opportunities to Telecommute

As we march further and farther into modern technology, it would make sense to recognize the benefits of having employees work from home. Not only will it open up the office, it will also cut a lot of overhead costs. As a telecommuter myself, I can say that having the ability to work from home has done wonders for my efficiency. Not only do I avoid dumping money into my vehicle for gas and maintenance, I also spare my sanity the hellish traffic jams and rush hours. I am much more productive and satisfied with my job.

4. Share Your Building Space

Inc. really hit the nail on the head with this idea:

If rent is a concern, consider sharing an office space with another small business. With so many incubators and coworking spaces available, small businesses have plenty of options to choose from when it comes to finding a low-cost work space.

In this day and age, with all the startups looking to hit the ground running, this could be a really fantastic solution.

5. Create Zones in the Workplace

Each office should have zones. A little separation does wonders to the mind and soul. Have a sitting area, grab some different sized tables for employees to use. Not every team needs to use a table to seat 8, plus it frees up space! Allow for personal zones where workers can go to have some alone time to get work done. Each zone should have a different feel to it, so the difference is noticeable. Taking the time to implement these changes can truly change your outlook at work.

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