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Winning by Failing

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How do you feel about errors? “If everything goes right all the time,” writes Paul Brown in the New York Times, “you are less likely to try something new.”

Pbrown explains why failure may be better than success in a piece that reviews a variety of books and resources on the topic.

For example: Richard Farson and Ralph Keyes, authors of “Whoever Makes the Most Mistakes Wins: The Paradox of Innovation,” contend that failure should be looked at as a positive way to learn, grow, confidently take risks and develop solutions creatively. This may sound like the advice of parents everywhere, but researchers at the Harvard Business School and Vanderbilt University back these claims and are studying why it is hard for people to learn from their mistakes.

Process Improvement - A Broken Egg

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Here at AccelaWork, we embrace stumbling and crawling as part of the process of learning to walk. Failure is simply information to try something different. No business or individual should expect perfection without trial and error. No system or approach, however ideal for the present moment, should be immune from refinement or reinvention. This is the nature of process improvement.

Every business must learn to recognize that mistakes are signposts along the roadway called improvement. While we will never reach that perfect destination, stopping and convincing ourselves we have arrived means we are stuck at permanent failure. Rewards come from taking risks, and risks from taking chances, learning lessons, and continuing onward.

If your organization is ready for change, reach out to some of the best process improvement consultants in the business. Keeping your patterns the same as they have always been may be safe, but opportunity for growth arises from the willingness to take risks and find success through failure.

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