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Why Think About Your Values?

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Have you given much thought to what your values are and how they reflect your own goals? Maybe it’s time to turn a critical eye to those values and how they benefit you.

You probably are very aware that cost and value are different. In fact, when examined closely they may not even be related. Perceived value and true value for any item is also different from person to person. I find it interesting to reflect on what I value, and why. Depending on the item I must consider usefulness, durability, and enjoyment. How would you compare the value of a prime rib-eye steak versus a brand new Ford F-150 truck? A rib-eye may cost you $15 per pound in a grocery store. A new Ford F-150 you can buy for about $5 per pound. Isn’t that amazing? A rib-eye you can enjoy for one meal. The truck will provide value for many years.

What is interesting to me is not comparing value of things, but understanding what I value, especially in people. My values include honesty, authenticity, and compassion. I value people that are able to put others first. We may share values, but I am sure our list of values would also be unique. What do you value? How would you differentiate between what you value, and what you appreciate. I appreciate people that are candid, but I value compassion. I appreciate people willing to voice their opinion, but I value peaceful solutions. I appreciate people willing to challenge my ideas, but I value debate, problem solving, and collaboration. If you create a list, challenge yourself to look at it as you make decisions throughout your day. I find that it helps me stay aligned with who I want to be.

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Now that you’ve given thought about your values, you can use them going forward in your business or career. If you’re looking to change the way things are going in either of those aspects, you need to start implementing some change. You need to be able to follow through in order to get what you want. A recent post by Jack Klemeyer sheds some light on this topic as well. Part one of his post about getting what you want tells us some interesting things about our beliefs:

  • Any belief that drives behavior that does not meet your basic needs over time is an incorrect belief.
  • No right or wrong, no good or bad – just correct and incorrect. Correct beliefs provide you with the results that are good and benefit you; incorrect beliefs result in outcomes that you do not want and are not beneficial to you or your life.
  • Part two of his post really drives this point home:

    Remember that your beliefs drive your behaviors. So when you change your beliefs, you actually change behaviors. So when a behavior doesn’t get you the outcomes that meet your needs, get to the root and change the belief that is the kernel the behavior grows from. The reason I think this is one of the most powerful skills or tools you can have is that once you see the power of it working once, you will see that you really are the captain of your destiny. You are not a victim of stormy waters. And that is one belief that every entrepreneur and small business owner who wants to be successful can use.

    Your values are important and should be at the forefront of your mind on a daily basis. Allow people to challenge your thoughts and views, it will help you grow as a person which will show in your productivity at work as well.

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