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Why Employee Motivation and Satisfaction Should Be Your Top Priority

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Today’s post, written by author Jonathan Curran, discusses the importance of employee motivation in the workplace. Namely, why a strong working relationship can positively affect employee retention, productivity, unity and overall business aspirations.

A healthy workplace environment is like blood running in the veins—if it stops you are doomed. By making simple policy decisions that keep the welfare of the employee and the growth of the company in mind, a strong employer and employee relationship can be nurtured. It stands to reason then that companies which strive in this manner generally reap more rewards in the long run.

Employee motivation

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Below are five reasons why employee motivation and satisfaction should be your top priority:

  1. Retention Policy
    When you look for top-class employees you should also make sure that they stay with the company for as long as they can. Most successful companies have realized the importance of employee retention and work hard to create a positive working environment and a healthy spirit of collaboration in the work place. By doing this, they save a significant amount that is lost in hiring and training new employees. Employee appreciation is the golden rule for employee retention.
  1. Rise in Productivity
  2. Only a satisfied employee will put in his best and be driven to give his best performance for the company. That in turn will increase the productivity of the company. An employee feels inspired to do well only when his work is appreciated and rewarded accordingly.

  1. Work like a Community
  2. Happy employees will look out for each other and the company. This takes business a step forward and is how a good company becomes a great one. The positivity spreads outside the office walls too. Not only are employees willing to stick to the company, but more people want to work for you. In my view, employees are internal customers of the origination. To convince external customers to be happy with your business, you must first make your internal customers happy. In the end, a happy work place will soon gel together and work as a single unit or community.

  1. Management of Human Capital
  2. Employee management is a very essential division of human capital. A company will be able to harness its full potential only when its labor force is motivated enough to accomplish short and long term goals. In the long run, the company will be able to consistently maintain a high standard of work and build a sound reputation for itself.

  1. Empathize with an Employee’s Personal Goals
  2. Self-development of an employee is only possible when companies help them meet personal goals. And let’s be honest, an employee’s satisfaction level plays a large role in their motivation. Therefore, support your employees in achieving their goals. As a leader, empower your employees through incentive plans and timely opportunities. Take the time to show even the most difficult employees that you are invested in their future.

In business, it never helps to ignore the disaffected. They are what can drive a company to greater heights or toward a dangerous stumble. And that is why businesses should strive for satisfied employees. By doing so, employees will deliver a superior performance, have a more creative approach towards work and will in turn contribute to the overall growth of the company.

Jonny CurranJonathan Curran is an author and founder of PROMOTIVATE Speakers Agency. They represent a group of leading motivational, business, conference, and adventure speakers. Follow them on Google+ for more updates.

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