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What Are Your Three?

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We all could use a theme to focus on. It could be a simple phrase or a few words. What will your words be?

This year, in an effort to move my business to a new level, I took the advice of a couple of online gurus, Denise Wakeman and Chris Brogan. I later found out that Denise took the advice from Chris (you never know who you’ll touch in a positive way.) They are both are folks I respect and admire and they inspired me to pick my own three words to theme or focus. You can read Denise’s choice here and you can read Chris’ advice here. My three words for 2018 are ask, believe, and act! Employing these will enable me to bring more value. I know these three words will help keep me focused and moving forward throughout 2018.

My 3 Words:

ASK: When I looked back over 2017 in my annual review between Christmas and New Year’s Day, one thing jumped out at me. I realized I didn’t ask nearly enough for what I needed and wanted. The answer is always “No!” when you don’t ask.

BELIEVE: Believe brings me to knowing I can do something BIG. Believe that I can help and believe that I do bring value to my clients. In other words, believe in myself and believe in the skills, energy and knowledge I bring to a client. The other part of believe is to believe when I ask, prospects will say “Yes!”

ACT: This one…oh boy. You need to know that I created some amazing solutions in 2017, wrote chapters of books and found incredible business opportunities—-all in my head. You see, I didn’t act nearly as much as I needed to. Had I asked more, I could have helped more people, more businesses and brought more value than ever before. You can bet, this year, I am acting!

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Constant and never ending improvement has been a process and study of mine for many years. I can’t remember exactly when I first came across the concept, but to the best of my recollection it was when I was at Ball State in Jim Necessary’s (that’s really his name and he is a great guy!) management class. This was in the early 1980’s and we were studying the Japanese management and the concept of Kaizen. The Japanese philosophy of continuous improvement of working practices and personal efficiency.

Staying focused on your tasks can be difficult, especially if you’ve lost some of your confidence. You’re not alone. Alyssa Shea shared some great ideas on ways you can focus on your confidence. Numbers 5 and 8 on her list really rang true for me.

5. Be Cool With Taking Risks

The idea of stepping into a new project or area of work that you have zero experience in can be pretty intimidating. Yet you took the risk to apply to your job and you nailed that, so why not try for some more? Taking risks at work can really pay off and make your managers notice you. Of course, be wary and don’t take any unnecessary risks, but also don’t be afraid to be the one the thinks way outside the box.

8. Ask For Some Constructive Feedback

This is something truly rare in our society. Actually asking for criticism isn’t something you hear about. Why? Probably because most of us are afraid of losing our jobs if we stick our necks out and draw attention to ourselves. Except that’s exactly what you need to do if you want to appear more confident. Taking feedback from your managers shows you’re engaged and want to learn.

Don’t be afraid to take risks this year. Sometimes, they really do pay off and you won’t regret not trying in the end!

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Jack Klemeyer

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