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Visions and Values Implemented at Delivra

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“The culture of a working organization is both the common and collective viewpoint on both the meaning and the value of work.” Some of you may recognize this as Robby Slaughter’s personal definition of workplace culture defined at AccelaWork.

I read a blog post on corporate productivity where Slaughter’s views on workplace culture are highlighted. I completely agree with his definition and I’m happy to see this put into action at Delivra. Delivra has in place Vision & Values. Before implementing, all of the Delivra employees had a say in helping to build these ideas. Personally, I was pleased to have a say. My opinions and thoughts were being considered and people are more apt to work with something if they’ve had a say in it.

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I won’t go into too much detail about all of the values, but I will say the top one (above all else) states that we exist to serve our customers. It’s what we do and it’s been a foundational value of Delivra since the beginning. Although it’s been understood by employees as a collective viewpoint that it’s what we do, it’s always good to define that.

Employees had a say in the vision and values of Delivra from the start and now they have been defined and organized. All employees also have them framed on their desk as a constant reminder of what the company does so we can all efficiently work towards that on a daily basis.

Lavon Temple is the Marketing Coordinator at Delivra, an email marketing software and services company located in Indianapolis.

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