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Utilizing Social Media PR in a Strategic Way

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Small business owners know that half the battle to successfully growing a company is by building a public image. And though the world of social media provides an endless opportunity for exposure, it takes a lot of time and energy to maintain. So, are there ways to have your cake and eat it too when it comes to social media PR?

Robby Slaughter, founder of AccelaWork, provided a list of dos and don’ts on the Maverick PR Maven blog in regards to utilizing social media PR in a strategic and productive way. Below are the summarized tips he shared:

  • Do build a social media PR strategy.
  • Don’t over schedule messages.
  • Do share what you have accomplished.
  • Don’t share if you have nothing to show.
  • Do share the same content.
  • Don’t blindly auto-broadcast to different mediums.
  • Do allocate time to research new tools.
  • Don’t jump on every new network.
  • Do read industry blogs.
  • Don’t try to do everything yourself.
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All of those topics above are valuable to know, but a few are worth further elaborating on.

Don’t share if you have nothing to show.

Far too often we see companies blasting out messages simply for the sake of blasting out messages. Nothing will make a customer go blind to your posts faster than consistently posting without any new information. No one wants to see that you did the same thing this week as the year before. And if you’re struggling to figure out what to post because there isn’t anything new happening, well then it’s time to move away from social media and evaluate why you aren’t improving your business!

Don’t blindly auto-broadcast to different mediums.

A post that’s going to work on Facebook isn’t necessarily going to work on LinkedIn, and it certainly won’t work on Twitter or Instagram. Think about your personal use of those mediums. Do you use LinkedIn and Twitter for the exact same purpose? Well then why would your business be any different. Not only can you convey the same message in more effective ways depending on the medium, but you can get a better reception for different messages if you gameplan with intent. Learn your networks and use that knowledge to your advantage.

Don’t jump on every new network.

Yes, it’s great to be an early adopter, but there are hardly enough hours in the day to keep up with established social networks, let alone all the smaller, newer ones that may have potential. A walk down any road in Silicon Valley is going to take you past a dozen people who think their new social network will be the next Facebook. Rather than learn a bunch of new networks that may never go anywhere, focus on perfecting your approach on the established networks that can have the widest reach.

Do read industry blogs.

Considering you’re reading this blog, you’ve clearly taken a step in the right direction. But it’d be foolish to try to claim we’re the only ones who may have valuable insight on how you can better your organization. Digest everything you can about social media and then figure out what’s going to work best for you. Any process can be perfected through trial and error, but by reading about the errors that others have made, you can make your journey towards effective social media a much shorter one. Never discount the value of other people’s opinions.

If you are losing valuable hours in your workday due to social media websites, consider reaching out to our corporate productivity specialists. Don’t continue to delay improvement in your online image as well as your offline workflow.

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