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Using Productivity Apps To Improve Teamwork

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If you don’t think that teamwork is necessary in the workplace, consider this old saying, “Two heads are better than one.” If your coworkers or employees aren’t collaborating, it might be time to introduce some apps that will not only increase productivity, but teamwork as well.

Teamwork is necessary at the workplace. We learn from a young age in school how to work well with others, but for some reason, those lessons tend to fade as we reach adulthood. Many people spend their time at work just trying to get through the day by flying under the radar. So it can feel like you’re pulling teeth just to get coworkers together to brainstorm or finish up a project. And we know how important team-building is to productivity.

There could be many reasons why this occurs and one of them might be that camaraderie between coworkers is minimum or nonexistent. If you don’t feel a like team, how are you supposed to work together like one? Entrepreneur posted an article with some pretty fantastic ways to boost collaboration in the workplace. You may be surprised to find that there are some applications out there that are proven to increase teamwork in the workplace. We here at The Methodology Blog are pretty big fans of using apps to increase productivity. Check out these 3 apps they suggested that can bring back that synergy you’re craving.

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Bouncing ideas off of each other is pretty similar to the game of Ping Pong. Witty name aside, this app is a must have for meetings. Not sure if everyone is taking the right information away from the session? Use this app to gauge the attendees understanding of the information. Using PingPong, you can create questions to share with team members. They can respond in real time so you can check in while the meeting is in progress to make sure everyone is on the same page. This is especially great for introverts who don’t feel comfortable raising their hand to ask a question. Also, you can share your material through the app so everyone can read up on the information you’re trying to get across. It’s interactive and really helps increase communication, which is necessary for any team to function properly.


Collaboration can come to a screeching halt at any point, especially when dealing with the excruciating minor details. Maybe you have to create spreadsheets and update them to send out to the team so everyone can check progress to make sure the project is moving in the right direction. Not only that, but discussions about the project need to be noted as well. Stop, take a breath, and download Workboard. It’s a newer app that simplifies all of that communication. Coworkers can collaborate on details, get status updates, and track all of their work. Any documents or discussions will also be included, so all of the information for your project is in one place, making it easily searchable.


When you hear the word huddle, does an image of a team of football players come to mind? Discussing their tactics, what positions each member will take, and so on? That is essentially the purpose of this app. Huddle allows teammates to come together and discuss action items on their to-do lists. You can easily delegate tasks to members for ultimate control over workflow. Beyond that, you can also review, read, and green light file tasks without even needing to be connected to the internet. Use it to create discussions, share objectives, send reports or get feedback from the team.

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Alyssa Shea

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