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Transforming Your Life: Part One

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Whenever we reach the end of a year, while many are thinking about holidays and festivities, most of the small business owners I know are already thinking about the next year. Where will they find new opportunities? How about, instead, we all think about the one thing that will truly transform our lives?

So what else do business owners rack their brains about while we all celebrate the new year? Usually, it’s something along the lines of how well they will they change things to improve the bottom line, number of clients, or streamline processes. Maybe they also worry about what goals are appropriate, realistic, and yet pushing the limits. It’s all about the exciting potential of a fresh new year – a new starting point.

While we look at it that way, we bring lots of “old stuff” into the new space and end up with a lot of the same results and same challenges. Now, I am not trying to squash your excitement or enthusiasm at all. I just want to offer you, just like I do with many of my coaching clients, the opportunity to adjust perspective for different results, better results than you have ever gotten before.

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Don’t Do That, Do This!

Oftentimes, in order to get different results, we decide to change something we do. That’s a good thing because we often get contrasting results when we do things differently. When we approach change that way, however, it takes a great deal of effort and conscious energy. For instance, if we decide to be more approachable, we try to be more engaging at networking events. We talk more, smile more, ask more and better questions. Now, if that is not our norm, it can be mentally exhausting.

You have to constantly re-engage the behavior every time you arrive at a networking event. But networking is probably something you don’t really do every single day, it never really becomes an automatic behavior – you have to actively think about it and employ the “tactic” every single time. Now while that will probably give you better results, it taps into your brain’s “attention units” and your physical energy. There’s another way – one that will get to the roots of your behavior and help you make changes that can become automatic and a new “norm” for you.

Every Behavior Is Rooted In Your Beliefs!

Everything you do, every reaction you have, and every decision you make is rooted firmly in your beliefs. So the only way to make real change that actually sticks is to identify the belief that drives the behavior you want to alter.

Let me share a story from Hyrum W. Smith, author of The 3 Gaps:

John walks into the yard of a friend, and is surprised to see a Doberman pinscher that has never been there before. At first he freezes in terror; then he runs out of the yard as fast as his legs can carry him without pausing to wonder how the dog got there or to notice if it is on a chain. Later, Susan walks into the same yard. She is just as surprised as John to be greeted by a Doberman. Her reaction, however, is to squeal with delight, “Oh! How cute!”

She runs toward the dog so she can pet it and scratch it behind its ears. Why such different reactions to the same dog? It’s all about what Smith calls the BELIEF WINDOW. Each person looks out at the world through their Belief Window and reacts to the environment based on the beliefs that they have. Obviously John and Susan have very different beliefs when it comes to the dog.

Next time, we take a look at why their beliefs differ so much from one another and where our beliefs come from!

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Jack Klemeyer

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