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To-Do List: Zero

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Productivity is a word that looms in our minds; at times we feel super productive and others we are wondering where the time disappeared.

The more productive you are, the better your business will be. Your to-do list will be all tidied up without anything left over. You may be thinking, “Is she dreaming?”

Actually, I’m not dreaming! It can happen. I used to have projects that never got finished and were halfway started, but I learned a trick that helps me everyday. That is to eliminate the distractions, and only put 3 main items on my to-do list daily.

The items can be any projects or must do today emails, writing, calls, etc.; however, keep your limit to three, no more and no less. Then, you have time to work on any other projects that do not have time deadlines or are passion projects. Accomplishing these 3 tasks already have made your day productive, but having the extra time to work on other personal projects, you feel super productive for the day.

To Do List Zero - Feeling Accomplished

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Parkinson’s law states that you get the most work completed within shorter deadlines. Do you remember in college writing 10 page papers with 24 hours to start, finish, and edit them? It works and this why your to-do list can be completed.

The key here is to get started on your to-do list first thing in the morning. This way you can eliminate any of your distractions (twitter, Facebook, email, phone, etc.) and just work checking off your items one-by-one. You will soon see that the letter that used to take an hour for you to put together, now only takes 20 minutes because you are focused.

Productivity is in the eye of the beholder. Keep your to-do lists succinct and short, and you will see your accomplishments and productivity rise. I know that I have following this method.

So, how do I do it?

Bobbi KleinI write my 3 items that I must do the day before usually right before I stop working for the day. Then once, I sit down to work with my browser closed and wireless turned off. I immediately begin on the 3 items and do not get drawn into the email trap (Unless that is one of my items, which I tend not to make it an item, because it can draw you in, and you’ll never leave.). Music is on and then the tasks are usually finished within two hours. Then, I have the rest of the day to work on any other projects that I want to create or do.

It’s that easy!

Bobbi Klein (@bobbiklein) is the founder of Splendore, an au courant creative agency, and has launched 100% Unconventional for everyone who does not fit into the box.

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