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Using Technology To Improve Customer Journeys

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Customer service is what keeps most any company thriving and profitable. Most businesses these days are making use of the internet and the new technology that comes out almost daily. If you want superb reviews from the public, you may want to check out these tips!

No one likes moments when they feel unappreciated or as if they are completely on their own, especially from a customer or client’s point of view. That can mean bad news for your pockets. We here at AccelaWork are big supporters of finding ways to make sure that your consumers are satisfied with their customer service experience. One way to start this process is to get personal with it. Think about your own customer experiences that you have had in the past. Did you feel like your voice was heard? Was there a meaningful exchange between you and the staff? You can use these times to impact how you manage your own staff and the service they provide. Customer Think published an article that dives into the tips anyone in sales should have in their repertoire.

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1. Pre-appointment

If you haven’t started making use of the internet and online bookings, then you are sorely missing out. For many companies, this is the first point of contact and can be extremely important and helpful in the customer’s purchasing journey. This will allow for better organization on your company’s part as well as the consumer’s. They then have the ability to start the process before they even physically enter the premises.

The information generated by an integrated web-based calendar and appointment system prepares appropriate staff members for customer volume and gives them the information to personalize each interaction.

2. In-person

After the pre-appointment comes the in-person contact which is always the most important part. If you’re making use of your pre-appointment resources, then this should be a breeze. Your staff already knows exactly what the customer wants which makes everyone more comfortable and at ease. Making use of technology in the form of kiosks or virtual check-ins leave your employees more uninterrupted work time.

Everyone is more productive, and the environment works smoothly.

3. Mobile

If you go outside in a major city and look up and down the sidewalks, you’ll probably notice almost everyone has their heads down as they read on their smartphones, even while they’re walking! Mobile platforms are crucial in this day and age. There are multiple uses for any business today along with loads of apps that you can download for your own use or creating apps for your particular business interest.

Mobile solutions take two main forms. Mobile Workforce aligns customer needs with on-site resources to shape arrival and waiting experiences, alert staff members by qualifications and proximity, and enable instant communication and feedback.

4. Post-Service

Feedback is what will make or break your business. You will want to try to get a customer’s feedback before they walk out the door. How many times have you received phone calls or emails asking for you to take a few minutes to complete a survey? Why not have that option while they’re waiting to check out, in a waiting room, or in line? The experience will be fresh in their head and you’re more likely to actually receive a review at all.

By asking direct questions, you can directly align feedback input with actual, measurable operations data.

Looking for more ways to increase productivity in your office or in your own job? Reach out to AccelaWork today to learn how our experts can help you.

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Alyssa Shea

Alyssa Shea

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