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Talking Failure: The Secret To Success

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Robby Slaughter appeared once again on Eric Marasco’s Espresso To Go Show. The coffee-break topic? His new book, Failure: The Secret To Success.


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Having completed his challenge of publishing his first book, Slaughter was happy to talk about his motivations behind the project. Below is the two-and-a-half minute video where Slaughter discusses the process:

If you aren’t somewhere where you can properly watch and listen to a video, some excerpts of what Slaughter had to say are below.

The book is Failure: The Secret to Success. It’s available now at… It’s really about this whole phenomenon of the relationship between failure and success. We’re so often afraid that we’re going to screw it up or do it wrong, and that really paralyzes us from trying anything. But the reality is that if you look at almost anybody who’s been successful, whether in politics, or business, or sports, anywhere, they’ve succeeded by failing over and over again. By finding out what they wanted to do.

I used the whole model of failure and success to help motivate me to write the book. I think that when you write a book, what’s really happening is you sort of reveal that you may have wanted it write it for a long time… By talking about what you want to do, by sharing it with people who are important to you, then you help make that idea real, because then you become accountable to them…

The first thing to do when you’re writing a book is to dive in. That sounds kind of counter-intuitive. You may want to step back, research the marketplace, and what not, but really the hardest part about writing a book is putting pen to paper. At least it is for me. So I just started making time, almost every night, I would jump online, onto Google Docs, and start typing out my manuscript. And it just built over time.

The key is not to fear failure. Just because something is challenging, and success isn’t a guarantee, that doesn’t give you a reason to avoid it altogether. Reach beyond what you may think are your limits and you might be pleasantly surprised with what you achieve. And even if you do fail, you’re going to learn something in the process that can help lead to many future successes.

The book’s website details this thought process further:

Failure: The Secret to Success is a book about something everybody knows but not many people like to talk about. We’ve all met that guy at a party who goes on and on about life as if it was a country song. However, our desire to keep our failures under wraps is in itself a huge mistake. Everybody who achieves unbelievable victories also knows saddening defeats.

“The only real mistake is the one from which we learn nothing” – John Powell

We All Screw Up? Big Deal.
Very big. Getting cut from the high school basketball team might mean you are not cut out for sports. Or it might the catalyst that begins your career, as it did with Michael Jordan. Losing practically every job you ever start might not sound like a great career path, but it was for President Ulysses S. Grant. Failure is essential and even inspiring. We need to make a few stupendously bad decisions and experience horrific luck.

More Than Fast Recovery
The old adage is if you fall down, you need to get up again. There’s more to the relationship between failure and success than perseverance. We must consider the science of failure, the lessons of history and even the advantages of failing on purpose.

If you are interested in learning more about Failure: The Secret To Success, visit the book’s website. You can also contact our business improvement consulting consultants today!

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