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Super Signs You Need a New Job

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Super Bowl Sunday is the epitome of American football and the pinnacle of American advertising. Commercials during the big game can cover any topic—even the dissatisfaction many will face when they return to work on Monday morning.


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It makes sense to focus advertising on the contrast between the fun of a Super Bowl party and the doldrums that many will face the next day at work. After all, too few people have jobs that they would rather work at than watch football and eat food with friends. As the game goes on, the dread of the following work day will surely creep into the mind of many viewers. One example of a company who tried to capitalize on this thought CareerBuilder with this 2009 ad. Though, they went far beyond the point of focusing on workers who are simply unenthused about the work week ahead. The humorous TV spot is well worth a watch below.

Like all Super Bowl commercials, this comical portrayal of burnt-out employees is somewhat bizarre. It provides the obvious message that your job should not be unbearable, but simultaneously implies that many people face this reality every day.  Everyone can identify with the idea of a little misery at work, though hopefully there aren’t many of us who feel it to the extent that the commercial shows.

Dissatisfied employees may be the target demographic for the spot, but a more profound message awaits organizations and individuals who are willing to openly contemplate the nature of work. The Methodology Blog has already covered that the environment, structure, and sense of ownership is far more important than the topics or materials we encounter during our shift. People leave jobs because they do not feel valued, either by the work itself or by their colleagues or their boss. On the other hand, people excel at work when they have faith that their contribution and ideas actually matter. While you may not be walking around the office calling people “dummy” there could be something more subtle going on that keeps employees from feeling respected and valued. If there’s a higher turnover rate in your office than is ideal, it may be time to evaluate the situation.

Of course, CareerBuilder wants people to quit their jobs. They want current employees to be focused on their dissatisfaction in the workplace. After all, the more people who are looking for jobs (and the more companies that have to fill positions) the more there’s a need for job finding sites. But don’t be so quick to leave a job that you have a few problems with.

Before you quit your job, decide whether the problems at work are caused by impossible personalities or frustrating inefficiencies. The former is a sign to head for sites like CareerBuilder, but the latter is the territory of business consultants like the team at AccelaWork. We analyze the patterns and processes at your job site through and help your organization to grow and change. We can help turn dissatisfied employees into satisfied ones. And oftentimes that change isn’t nearly as hard as it would seem at first glance. A few small tweaks to your communication process and the way employees are treated and you could soon have an entire organization of workers who can no longer relate to this CareerBuilder ad. When that happens, turnover rate will go down, and even more importantly, quality of life will go up.

Work should be satisfying and productive. Before you leave an unpleasant job, consider helping to change that workplace for the better. Contact the employee engagement experts at AccelaWork today.

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