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Stop Trying To Practice For Life

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Do you know how much time you waste “getting ready” for life? Every single day that you wake up and take the reins to make your business a success.

If you’ve ever been on a sports team or even a play when you were in school, you know how much practice is put toward the main event. We practice because “practice makes perfect.”

Right? Wrong. We can’t practice for life.

Life is more similar to on-the-job training. It’s like getting thrown into the front lines every day with barely enough experience to get you through. The trick is to learn as you go. So how can we make life all it can be? How do we turn our businesses into success stories? The answer is simple. We become the best we can be through growing and learning. Everything we do, try, read, discuss, and believe are milestones along the way if we embrace them and actually allow ourselves to grow through personal development. You don’t get a dress rehearsal or time to practice. We live – or not.

This sentiment is especially true for small business owners (SBOs). Business and life are two entities that become deeply intertwined for SBOs. Trying to extricate which activities are personal, family, or professional is like picking the red out of a purple dress. Everything blends together into its own entity and we just call that “life.” Getting your life to sync together is easily one of the hardest things most professionals face. We make promises that we’ll do better at the work/life balance, and it’s feasible if you can evolve.

It reminds me of the Jim Rohn quote:

Success is not to be pursued; it is to be attracted by the person you become.

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In all things, be the best person you can be. The basis of all your successes will always begin with YOU. Your achievements, life, and ventures reflects back onYOU and the current place where your heart and head are coexisting.

Craving more success? Let it become part of you – mold yourself.
Looking for more customers or productivity? It always begins with YOU.

One of my own mentors, and all around hero, is John Maxwell. I have learned so much from him that I was able to enforce in my own life which means I can provide more to my clients and associates. I became a John Maxwell Certified Coach, Trainer and Speaker directly due to the personal development he teaches through his books and courses. These lessons, I felt, are the foundation for success in all aspects of life. Even though we’re all at different levels on our personal development journeys, any and everyone can benefit from the Maxwell Study Group I offer. I have the knowledge that my Study Groups will give every person the ability to grow from where they are to the next level. Why? Because it is in our nature as human beings to take in and assimilate whatever it is we are craving or looking for and growth is a continuum that is on-going.

If you can start one habit that will truly change your life, it would be to devoting some of your time to personal development. Turn off the TV. Quit being passive. Don’t wait anymore. Instead, take control. Commit to taking action every single day. Read more, take some classes, engage in discussions with the people who surround you. Stop trying to practice life. TREAT EVERY MOMENT AS THE MAIN EVENT. Remember, you are the star and in the spotlight for the performance of your lifetime. To Your Success!

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Jack Klemeyer

Jack Klemeyer

Grow Your Business™ Coaching founder Jack Klemeyer is recognized as a preeminent resource and program developer as a business coach, consultant, speaker, trainer and facilitator of Mastermind groups for entrepreneurs, business professionals and companies of all sizes.
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