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Staying Productive In Our Digital Age

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Are you on top of the new productivity trends that seem to change on a daily basis? Neither am I. Turning to lists with the best tools is the best way to find out what you’ve been missing!

I scour the internet daily to present the best resources possible for the productivity lovers and life hackers out there. The fact of the matter is that tips and tools of any trade keep changing and evolving. It seems nearly impossible to stay ahead of the curve. Just when you think you have something learned and implemented perfectly into your routine, a new system or technology pops up that changes the game. Luckily, Alexandra Samuel with Harvard Business Review, laid out a few tools we can use in this massive digital age we find ourselves in. I snagged her list and highlighted my favorites for you below!


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I have sung the praises of Evernote before and will continue to do so until I’m blue in the face. Being scatterbrained is unnecessary in this day and age. Using Evernote will clean up your life for good. All those notes, tips, ideas you scribble down will be in one place. Found an article that you know you will need for later? That’s fine, just snap a picture and it will be searchable through text.


Twitter is a social media tool with multiple uses. You want to market to current and new clients? Or maybe you want to share posts and articles you find helpful or interesting. Or maybe you just want to share a funny picture of a cat in pajamas. Hashtags in the Twitterverse make all of this possible, all the while avoiding sending hundreds of emails that most people don’t even read. By now, you all know how we feel about emails and their negative impact on productivity.


If you’re looking for a better way to schedule those conference calls, search no further than Doodle. Instead of emailing, texting, and calling everybody to figure out how or when to set time aside, Doodle polls people instead. It then takes your appointments and automatically syncs them to your calendar. You can send out reminders, see who’s missing, and request information from attendees. This will give you an average time that works for everyone right off the bat. The less communication it takes to set up an event or call, the better.


Are you a Photoshop pro? If so, you have been blessed. If like me you find yourself desperately trying to fumble with Paint to fiddle with pictures, then Skitch is your savior. It makes getting tech support for computer errors– quickly saving and sharing images–an absolute dream. Unfortunately, the only way you will get to enjoy this product is if you are a Mac user. This is because Evernote purchased the app back in 2011 and promptly screwed it up.


Do you travel for work? If you do, then you need to start using TripIt immediately. All you have to do is schedule your trip and forward all of your emails over to their specified email address. They take all of those emails and turn them into a master itinerary so everything is searchable and in one place, at your fingertips. Have you found yourself without WiFi or data? No problem, you can use it while offline. It’s almost like having your own personal event manager!

To learn more about ways of increasing your productivity, both in the workplace and with all of your devices, consider reaching out to the experts at AccelaWork today!

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Alyssa Shea

Alyssa Shea

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