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Self-Confidence Can Lead to the Best Productivity

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For most of us, a usual day at work revolves around some combination of emailing, computing, meeting, processing, selling, calling, writing, testing or perhaps creating. Yet, for one young man, a day at work is all about adrenaline and the only important function is staying alive.

Mich Kemeter decided to walk across a cavern in Yosemite National Park. Now, for any experienced hiker this sounds like a walk in the park rather than a death defying act, but when you add in a loose rope and a 3,000 foot drop, it’s easy to grasp the danger. Take a look at the snapshot below and see whether it musters feelings of fear:

small business consultants discussing Mich Kemeter

Yes, in case you were wondering, he’s NOT wearing a safety line. For this 23-year-old, the only thing between him and death is a thin rope and his own two feet. And that’s why we are confident in saying that Kemeter is a professional daredevil, especially since he has achieved several world records including one that involved highlining a 525 foot rope across a freezing lake in Austria. And while most of us would automatically assume his fear of falling is immense, he denies any feelings of nervousness:

“You just do what you do normally. You just prepare yourself and go with it. For me, high-lining is like meditating.”

Indianapolis consultants talk about Mich Kemeter
In another interview Kemeter shared some more insight on his process. He makes sure he’s always properly prepared:
“There are many factors that go into choosing the right spot. For me, I thought this would be a cool place! But distance is really important and you have to be really careful when choosing the right place to put anchors in. You need confidence in them. You have two different systems; in case one rips you have a backup.”
He focuses on the task directly ahead of him, taking everything one step at a time:

“For me the highline starts when I’m fixing everything up. I go into a kind of meditation. It’s a long process and you start visualizing being on the highline.

Just before I go on it I go through everything in my mind and think about really good things. I stretch a little bit but after the walk and the climb there you’re warmed up; everything is flowing.

You’re so focused on the moment that when you tie the knot in your harness you just want to keep going and all you can focus on is the next step.”

Okay, so we all can’t be daredevils, nor would we want to be. But, Kemeter’s self-assurance is inspiring. Because despite the seemingly insurmountable obstacles in front of him, he moves ahead and tackles each challenge without an ounce of hesitation or doubt. By believing in himself and trusting in the preparations he’s made, each step forward is a strong stride built in confidence and ability.


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If Kemeter went into a day of work without confidence, the result could be disastrous. In your case, you most likely won’t be falling a few hundred feet onto sharp rocks below, but you could definitely inhibit any progress in your career. By harboring feelings of inadequacy in our jobs, we are (in our own way) facing a different type of danger. When we tackle a project without confidence it can lead down a wavering path of mediocrity and discontent. And as The Methodology Blog has mentioned on many occasions, being happy and satisfied in a job can make all the difference when it comes to achieving individual goals. So believe in yourself and take the plunge toward fueling your self-reliance! Be a daredevil in your career!

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