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Search Results: Influenza

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Google usually answers your questions, but did you know it can predict the future? Flu Trends aggregates historical search data to foretell where the flu will strike next. Is there anything Google doesn’t know?

Tracking the spread of viruses is a complicated endeavor, and scientists at the Center for Disease Control spend millions of dollars in the lab and the field studying and containing these epidemics. Google analyzes search requests across geographical areas with even more impressive results.

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The link between epidemiology and search engines may seem difficult to believe, but connections between apparently unrelated phenomena are a core element of innovation. Your organization may or may not be able adapt to the market by watching Google Trends, but nevertheless there are undiscovered relationships between the smallest actions in the workplace and the overall productivity of your company.

It’s this kind of creativity that makes for radical improvements in productivity, business process design, and overall execution. If you are ready for lateral thinking about your people, processes and organizational culture, consider chatting with some business consultants.

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Robby Slaughter
Robby Slaughter

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