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Remote Work Routines and Shared Office Space

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Making the change to work remotely is pretty huge. The routine you once had is going to shift completely. It’s a challenge you have to be prepared for.

I’m someone who has worked in an office environment since I began working in my teens. The routine was simple and the same: Get up, shower, make coffee, drive, work, come home, eat, relax, sleep. Rinse and repeat. This probably sounds pretty familiar to most of you. So what happens when you’re offered the opportunity to work from home? Well, your whole world changes, that’s what. Like Ashley Lee said, giving your employees the ability to work remotely will create a balanced environment which not only increases productivity. This leads to happy employees and amazing new methods and ideas.

Consider this short list of benefits:

  • Working remotely eliminates office distractions and interruptions, which in turn increases productivity.
  • Working remotely creates a balanced level of responsibility and accountability where the employee can take ownership over his/her work without question.
  • Working remotely adheres to specific employee needs that may otherwise be left unattended or flat out refused.
  • Working remotely improves employee recruitment and retention.
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Once I stepped into the remote world, I knew I’d never want to return to that office environment. I got way more done not dealing with office politics, gossip, and chatty coworkers. I’ve found a system that helps me stay on task.

Each day, when I’ve completed my work for the day, I make a list of what has to get done the next day. Just for that day. I use the Sticky Notes program on my computer to stick it to my desktop. I don’t make a to-do list a mile long that includes an entire week of tasks. You’re just asking for stress if you do that!

I’ve found working in 30 minute intervals helps me to be the most productive. I’m the kind of person that loses interest in things pretty easily. It’s not a great attribute to have. I tried to pick up knitting and, after pouring over the manual for hours, I never touched it again. Working in intervals keeps me engaged and helps me finish each task before starting a new one.

Don’t be afraid to zone out. If you pop over to YouTube or read a few threads on Reddit, give yourself time to do that. I like to call that a “reset.” Look at the clock as you tab out of your work window and give yourself 5-10 minutes of reset time. It actually helps me to dive back in, almost like I have fresh eyes on the topic at hand.

If working remotely doesn’t seem to be your taste, there are other options. In fact, there are companies that are coming up with a pretty interesting alternative. The Hindu has reported that some employers are investing in shared office spaces. These company-sponsored spots are popping up all around India.

India has around 350 shared-office operators, spread across 800 locations with Bengaluru, NCR and Mumbai on top of the list, says a CBRE research.

“In most cases, our homes are not built to function like a home-cum-office. Poor Internet speed and distractions at home are among reasons for employees seeking coworking space,” says Amit Ramani, founder and CEO of Awfis, which runs community workspaces at 40 centres.

What an interesting solution to a problem! Who knows, we may start seeing that trend here in the states. Would you be interested in working in a shared-office space rather than working from home? What other challenges might present themselves in this case? I guess we’ll find out!

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Alyssa Shea

Alyssa Shea

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