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Do You Reattach To Your Work?

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We all have our favorite ways to begin our mornings. Some of us start with a cup of coffee or tea. Others roll over and immediately hop onto their phone. Could there be a better way to start your day, though?

It’s important to maintain a solid work/life balance. That means when you clock out for the day, you should be detaching from your job and leaving it at the door. If you keep your mind on work all day long, you will definitely experience some sort of burnout. Like our guest blogger, Patrick Foster pointed out, burnout can affect anyone and we need to be finding ways to help avoid this issue. He considered some ways that automation might help when it comes to marketing efforts.

The biggest problem with this isn’t even the likelihood of burnout: it’s the simple truth that there are only so many hours in the day, and there’s only so much you can get done within a given period. This is a particular problem for marketing — something that’s not immediately essential but still has to be done, and can soak up as many hours as you throw at it.

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So you get home, have some dinner, and hopefully take time to relax during the evening. You’ve become completely unattached from you work for the day which is a great thing. But do you know how to reattach in the morning? Many of us can attest that we tend to get ready and drive to work in a fog, then wander into work and start your day. Does this make you feel prepared and ready to take on the duties of your job? Probably not. A recent study is creating waves with some interesting news regarding the way we begin our workdays. If we’re able to successfully reattach in the morning before we begin the day, our engagement and productivity levels at work will soar. We’re all encouraged to leave our work at the door but the advice seems to usually end there. Jessica Lindsey of Greater Good Magazine narrowed in on the most important aspects of this study.

Analyses of these surveys found that reattaching to work led to a cascade of positive experiences during the day. The process may play out like this: Taking time to reattach to work helps our work goals to become more salient, which energizes us to focus. When we consider how to achieve our goals, we become more aware of our autonomy to accomplish them, as well as the resources and people we have supporting us. All of these factors contribute to feeling more inspired and engaged at work—which, other research suggests, is important for productivity.

So what process should we take in order to successfully reattach to our work for the day? Luckily, Lindsey provided some insight into this area as well with these important questions you should be asking yourself while you get ready to head into work. She even suggests writing these questions and answers for a visual representation!

    1. Why does the work I do matter to me? How does my work impact the lives of others?

    Your contributions matter otherwise you wouldn’t have been hired in the first place! Consider your place in processes at work and how much you do matter when it comes to the success of those around you.

    2. Who are the people—both at work and in my personal life—who support me and my professional success?

    Considering your coworkers and personal relationships is a great way to avoid feelings of isolation. You’re not alone.

    3. What would I like to focus on today?

    This question is probably the most important of the bunch. Find the area or project that is of the highest importance and focus all your effort there rather than feeling scattered and stretched thin!

If you’re concerned about reattaching properly, you’re already in the right place by reading this article. And if you want to talk further about a speaker or a consultant, reach out to the experts at AccelaWork!

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