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Productivity Tips For Writers

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Our main objective with The Methodology Blog is to bring you, our readers, quality content. If you’re a writer, you know we face plenty of challenges along the road to the perfect article. So how can we improve?

Keeping content fresh and engaging can be tough. We have spoken about the challenges of being a writer and how you can keep an efficient workflow. You can start to feel like there are only so many ways to speak about topics that you write about. Writer’s block can rear its head and distractions will throw you off your path to article greatness. Frances Booth recognizes this very issue, being a writer that focuses on productivity as well. Her piece in Forbes about how to stay focused and efficient is something every author should read over. Below are her tips and our thoughts.

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Ignore the first 10 minutes

It really takes the right mindset to be able to sit down and begin writing. And those first 10 minutes are the worst. You start typing and the negative thoughts come rolling in. “This is awful, what am I even saying? I should scrap this and start over.” But before you close out of your word processing program and give up all together, take a second to reassure that self-doubt. You have to get into your groove. Once you pass those first few minutes, you’ll find your pace. You can always go back and get rid of those initial sentences!

Blank page etiquette

How many times have you found yourself just sitting and staring at a blank page, watching the cursor blink back at you, almost mocking you? An empty slate is necessary and awful at the same time. But don’t let yourself get too wrapped up in what you might say. Just start typing. Fill up the blank space, it’ll help get those juices flowing. You can always reorganize what you have written after you’ve got something down.

Writing comes first

Writing is just as draining as any other type of work. So if producing articles isn’t your main job, you may find yourself wanting to push it off to be the last thing you do for the day. Always make it come first! It will definitely reflect in your words if you aren’t really into what you’re saying. Don’t take phone calls or peruse your email. You’ll feel more accomplished after finishing up which will help you feel like a productive superhero!

Know that distractions will tempt you

Accept the fact that, no matter how hard you try, your mind will wander. Maybe you saw an email notification pop up in the corner of your screen. Or there could be a really cute video of a cat playing in a bathtub, just waiting for you to watch it on Facebook. Resist the temptation! Promise yourself that you will allow a few minutes of distraction once you’re done penning your masterpiece. Everyone deserves a couple breaks throughout the day. In fact, we have found that taking breaks increases employee productivity!

When you get the chance to write, seize it

Most writers don’t only sit and write all day. Plenty of us have other duties to attend to. Maybe you’re freelancing and need to keep your eye on other opportunities. Or you not only write but help manage a website. Those other tasks will take up parts of your day as well. So as soon as you get a chance to jot some words down, take it! You never know how busy you will be tomorrow or the day after. Every moment of time is precious for writers!

Searching for more ways to become efficient? Reach out to one of our business consultants today for more information!

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Alyssa Shea

Alyssa Shea

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