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Productivity Tips for Procrastinators

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Sometimes, it’s easy to put things off. Subsequently however, those projects continually add up until you’re drowning in a pile of stuff that should have been done days before. So, how can we finally beat procrastination?

Forbes released an article that defines procrastination and what’s behind it. In the technologically inclined world we live in, it’s easy to become distracted and lose your way throughout the day. After all, we have found that technology can help and hurt productivity. And while many would agree that working on a last minute sales pitch is less than appealing, the truth is, procrastination only adds anxiety to an already stressful to-do list.

So is there some kind of miracle you should pray for? Some power food that will kick start your desire to stop putting off work? Not really. But, Forbes provides a list of easy ways to avoid procrastination. Below are three of our favorite tips from the article:

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    Name It

Firstly, notice that you are procrastinating and acknowledge this. Try and do so without judging yourself and without getting stressed about not having enough time. Simply say to yourself (in your head or out loud) a simple phrase such as “procrastinating” or “moving on.”

You would think such a small, simple thing wouldn’t be such a big deal. Yet, putting a name to your procrastination not only calls your attention to its existence but allows you to accept the fact that remedying the ongoing issue is a necessary step.

    Make Time Your Best Friend

Procrastinators frequently delude themselves regarding the passage of time. If you often tend to get to the end of the day bewildered as to where the day went then try shifting your relationship to time. Start to become aware of exactly how long each task takes, rather than making a wild guess.

By making a conscious effort to understand what kind of time is necessary to complete a project well, you’ll soon discover just how many possibilities there are for process improvement.

    Meet More Deadlines

Often, the only time we finally get round to focusing properly on a task is when we’re uncomfortably close to a deadline. So if you want to be more productive and focused, an easy solution is to have more deadlines. This idea may make you feel pressured, but these are deadlines that you impose on yourself.

No matter the workload, procrastination can happen for a multitude of reasons. One factor in particular however, can be a large culprit. If you are dissatisfied at work, perhaps it’s time to evaluate why you’re unhappy. After all, much of our success is derived from our excitement and motivation in what we are accomplishing. So ask yourself, Am I engaged in what I’m doing? Take the time to invest in your occupational contentment. It will help you avoid more than just procrastination. Real engagement will help you focus on what matters most: meaningful results.

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Alyssa Shea

Alyssa Shea

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