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Productivity Takes a Ringing Blow

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When it comes to being productive, a ringing telephone is far from helpful. In fact, many would agree the nuisance is downright distracting.  But can this type of communication be avoided when conducting business? To AccelaWork’s founder, the phone can and should be handled more intelligently.

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In a recent Indianapolis Business Journal article, Robby Slaughter addresses the idea of achieving work productivity without ringing interruptions. According to Slaughter, the best technique for attaining telephone productivity is simple:

Don’t always answer a ringing phone. Instead, check the caller ID. Balance the benefit of a conversation against losing your current train of thought. Let your voice mail system take a message and pick up the receiver if necessary. Failure to answer an incoming call is also succeeding in concentrating on the task at hand.

On the same token however, telephone productivity is a two-way street; consideration of others is just as crucial. Slaughter encourages courtesy across the board: 

Likewise, be judicious about making outgoing calls. If your objective is to relay crucial information, consider sending an e-mail. Spoken words might make it to the brain more quickly, but written words will be perfectly preserved and can be more easily duplicated and forwarded.

It’s not always possible to avoid the telephone at work. Not even AccelaWork can deny that there are times when phone conversations are crucial. However, if every situation at work seems to deem a phone conversation necessary, you may want to consider reevaluating processes and communication scenarios at work.

If you or your company could benefit from telephone productivity, reach out to our small business productivity consultants today. We’ll help alleviate the ring in your ears!

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