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Process Improvement and Content Management

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Our own Robby Slaughter wrote a guest post for the SEO wizards at Deep Ripples. He discusses the role of process improvement in content management.

Here’s some of the main points from the article on the Indianapolis SEO company’s blog:

A considerable proportion of the content you produce as part of your online marketing strategy has a clear pattern. This may not be obvious until you open back the hood and examine text in more detail. For example, this blog post is built around a handful of key phrases. An SEO expert can readily identify them, but so can the casual reader—if they are paying attention.

That means that when you go to create content such as blog post, you can start with the structured pieces, such as the keywords. This makes the entire process much smoother. You’re filling in the gaps between the structure with information that makes sense.

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This isn’t the first piece from Deep Ripples on the subject of process improvement. Take a look at this passage from a post by Ryan Naylor, a local SEO expert:

One of the advantages to internet marketing, more so than any other medium is the ability to evaluate the performance of your campaign and make changes accordingly. Through many of the tools provided by Google, Bing, Yahoo and others we have a pretty large arsenal of tools at our disposal to evaluate the performance of our internet branding efforts. The difficulty however lies in taking the mountains of data at our disposal and turning that information into real life decisions. So how do we turn data into real life information?

Virtually any business practice can be broken down into a process. Figure out what you are doing and then figure out how do it well. Not only will cycle time decrease, but quality will increase. It’s the stuff that you cannot automate—such as creativity and innovation—that you want to be your focus.

Process improvement can happen anywhere, even in content management. Take a look at this blog post. Can you see what we did to save time here?

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