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The Power of Words

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Words, words, words. Powerful things that can make things happen, fall apart, transpire smoothly, or come to a dead stop.

Do you use words in the best way possible to build your business? Not too long ago I facilitated a Speaking Excellence workshop. I was proud of what attendees said they got out of it:

I have a full notebook of not just ideas, but actionable items that are going to make me money the moment I go home. Jack and this program were excellent! It’s one of the best investments you could ever make. –Crista Tharp

This workshop pulled it all together! It’s two days of very, very intensive information on how to speak and how to market your talks. The program was very well organized and a great opportunity to hone speaking skills. –Tommy Richardson

We’ve been given the context to use speaking to call people to action. It’s been great! I think it’s going to make a big difference in the conversion of listeners to prospects to clients. – David Yearwood

Within the first two hours of this event, I already had a list of more than 10 different organizations I could immediately start contacting. I know I can use the skills I’ve learned here over and over again to continue connecting with my ideal clients. Thanks, Jack! –Alyssa Johnson


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We worked on basic speaking skills as well as why-to give a speech, but we also worked on what is said and how it is said. Your goal, after all, is to give the most effective talk you can give.

But that’s not all. Another topic we chatted about was that the skills were not just to be used on a dais in front of an audience. The choice of words should be incorporated into your elevator speech, your introduction and into every meeting you have with clients.

That’s why I call it “Speaking Excellence” and we all do it every day in front of individuals and groups. Every word that we let fly lands and creates a ripple. Potential customers either buy, walk away, run away or feel ho-hum.

I find there are four steps in making your speaking excel:

1. Speaking Research

Find and put into practice new and unique ways to uncover groups to talk to. Don’t just do this alone, do it “live” on the spot with fellow business professionals. You will leave the room with many potential groups to market to.n Moreover you will never wonder again, how or where to find groups to book.

2. Speaking Marketing

Just because you want to speak doesn’t mean people want to hear you. You’ve got to plan out what to send, to whom, when and how often. Just like any other sale, you should role play making calls, leaving messages, and following-up to improve your booking rate.

3. Speech Creation

Having an audience is key, but having something to say is essential. There’s a process to a good title, structure, and writing out your talks. You need a system that you can model for each and every talk or workshop you do from here on out!

4. Speaking Delivery

This is the final step in having a speech—presenting it to others. But a good speaker doesn’t just talk to audiences, they also seek feedback from fellow speakers and professionals. The hard part isn’t just asking the perspectives of others. The challenge is taking it to heart and putting it to use.

Think about what you say and how you say it. And if you need help, consider a Speaking Excellence workshop or mastermind group! I would love to help you or your organization be more effective in crafting and delivering your message.

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Jack Klemeyer

Jack Klemeyer

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