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Pokémon GO Could Help You Make Money

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Pokémon GO has taken over the world. If you hadn’t heard by now, then you’re either hiding under a rock or don’t care about it at all. But here’s why you should care.

You may remember Pokémon from when you or your children were younger. Even if you never watched the show or played the trading card game, chances are you ran across a Pikachu somewhere down the line. While it’s definitely something that use to be marketed to a younger crowd, Niantic has totally changed the game by creating an app that allows you to walk around and catch little Pokémon creatures. Most people in their 20’s have been hit with strong nostalgia and have immediately become obsessed with the game.

Even better, it gets you out and about since you have to walk around outside to find creatures to catch. This type of thing may not be your definition of fun, but it’s a craze you can’t deny, having already reached 100 million downloads since its launch in July. You could easily be capturing some of those millions of people as potential customers! Want to find out how? The BitBag published an article providing tips on how to cash in on the Pokémon GO trend. Check out their tips below!

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Setting up Your Business at PokeStop

PokéStops are a big part of this game. This is the place where players can get their hands on PokéBalls, Revives, Eggs, etc. Basically, they’re all things players really need if they want to advance in the game. As such, most people who play are always on the lookout for a PokéStop. What’s a better way to grab more customers than snagging those who are already looking to make a stop? You can easily set up your business to become a PokéStop by submitting a request to Niantic so your location will be shown on player’s maps in game. Even better, you can create a small discount for each Pokémon GO player that visits your business. Word will spread like wildfire. Don’t believe me? Newspapers are publishing articles dedicated to finding restaurants and bars that are offering Pokémon GO discounts. You should be, too!

Pay for Lure for Your PokéStop Business

A lure module is a part of the game that attracts Pokémon so players can catch ’em all. Each lure lasts for 30 minutes to players always quick to get to the closest one as soon as possible. This means great things for you as a business owner as well! The thing about Pokémon GO is that, even though you have a PokéStop, that doesn’t ensure that any Pokémon will show up anywhere close to your business. The Lure does just that, luring the Pokémon to your vicinity. Players can purchase them and you can, too! There are even some unofficial sites dedicated to spotting lures and telling the masses where they’re located.

Exclusive Offers & Services for Pokemon GO Players

We touched on this before but a small discount is definitely just a stepping stone. T-Mobile has stepped into the arena by being the only carrier to offer unlimited data for the Pokémon GO app because so many users complain of data overages. So making some of your products or services exclusively available to Pokémon GO players is an easy way to not only get a player’s attention, but make them feel as though you’re a part of their world now, too. Most people are looking for a connection of some kind, and giving a nod to the gamers who could be walking through your doors is a good way to get repeat customers.

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