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Personal Productivity and Resolving to Succeed

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Personal productivity improvements are always worth considering, whether it’s the first of the year or simply the day you decide to make a change. Here are some personal productivity tips for being more effective at keeping your resolutions.

Each time the Ball drops in Times Square, people everywhere begin committing to New Year’s resolutions. Turns out, you may not be the only person striving to lose weight, get fit, quit smoking, get out of debt, and/or get organized. In fact, according to, these very goals are among the Top Ten list of New Year’s Resolutions every year in recent history:

1. Stop Smoking

2. Get Fit

3. Lose Weight 

4. Enjoy Life More

5.  Quit Drinking

6. Get Organised

7. Learn Something New

8. Get Out of Debt

9. Spend More Time With Family

10. Help Others

Yet according to one study, though 52 percent of resolution-setters believe they have the will-power to succeed, only 12 percent actually achieve what they set out to do. So what’s the problem? Could it be that once the holiday excitement passes, people just simply loose interest? Or perhaps resolutions lose their luster once its discovered that reaching them requires hard work? To the team at AccelaWork, this yearly phenomenon is not a coincidence, but instead a failure of direction.

Personal Productivity: Making Resolutions

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The truth is, when a goal is set but its parameters are nonexistent or defined incorrectly, the possibility of following through and achieving success are diminished. For many, this lack of a logical strategy is reason enough to forego a resolution since most believe it easier to simply abandon a venture rather than fail at it—a common misconception in our view. For the handful still wholly committed however, we cannot deny that their goals may still be reached. The problem is, the process of accomplishing them may be less seamless and take longer to achieve. This is a form of incompetence. We don’t know what we don’t know, and we get into trouble.

Yes, its tough to truly know why resolutions fizzle. But by enlightening yourself with proper ways of creating reasonable and attainable goals, you may just avoid abandoning them this year. So, we urge you to take that step toward starting the year off right. Be conscientious of goal-setting by learning proper techniques for it. If you are having a hard time recognizing where to start, think about attending some presentations by our Indianapolis speakers. We’d love to see you there!

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