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[VIDEO] Onshoring, Productivity Key to U.S. Growth

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If we want to improve productivity here in the United States, we need to bring jobs back to the country. That’s the opinion of one expert commentator.

Starting around the one minute mark, BMO’s Chief Investment Strategiest Brian Belski says:

We believe you’re going to see more onshoring in America, you’re going to see more jobs coming back, it’s going to be all about productivity here and capacity coming back to America.

You can watch the video on the Bloomberg website.

There are tons of interesting economic questions around outsourcing and productivity. Leaders are always asking: where is the best place for a business to operate? At the same time, they are asking: how that business can produce the greatest returns for the least investment?

We’ve covered questions about business process improvement and outsourcing before here on The Methodology Blog. There are no easy answers, but there are some well-understood themes.

Customer expectations dictate where you do business. If your clients feel strongly about where you conduct your work, then you’ll need to make adjustments. But if most customers are happy to buy products or services made in other parts of the country or the world, you can do so and adjust costs.

Employee productivity is a function of freedom, not costs or controls. We know that the most productive individuals are those that feel they are genuinely respected. In fact, respect is the most important workplace value.

Business Consulting and Outsourcing

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No matter where your employees are working or what they do to make money, it’s essential to be aware of all stakeholders and treat them as human beings. That’s a clear recipe for success in your company as well as a path to growth in the overall economy. The best organizations are those which pay attention not just to the bottom line, but to the people who make the organization a success.

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