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One-Minute Time Hacks That Will Boost Your Productivity

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Let’s be honest, most of the time, a lot of us are looking for the easy way out of things. And huge changes to routine can be a pretty big bother. But what if only one minute could change your efficiency?

Lifehack brought us a fantastic list of 10 one-minute hacks that will immediately give your productivity a boost. That’s all it takes. Really! Just one minute of your time. We here at AccelaWork picked our five favorite hacks to share with you.

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Say “no” to three things

Sometimes, in your work life, it can be incredibly difficult to say no to someone. Whether it be about a meeting or a new project, we have the need inside to say “yes” to anything that is asked of us. I mean, we don’t want to look bad, do we? So look at it this way. Instead of instantly agreeing to everything, think about what each task is going to cost you in terms of your energy, motivation or time. If the cost is pretty high, say “no” and move on. Pick 3 times per week to do this and you’ll be surprised how refreshing it feels.

Turn off all of your email alerts

New email alerts don’t necessarily cost you time, but they do distract your attention, and that’s ultimately going to affect your ability to be productive. These alerts rarely bring any truly crucial information that must be acted upon now. In fact, the subject lines are usually so vague, you don’t even have a good idea just what the message inside is until you open it. Instead, set aside a few dedicated moments during the day to check your email and respond if necessary.

Live by the two-minute rule
The “two-minute rule” comes from David Allen’s “Getting Things Done” methodology. Simply stated, it encourages people to immediately accomplish tasks that will take less than two minutes to complete. That means if you get an email requesting a simple task, like forwarding an asset or resource, do that right away. Much of our time gets wasted by procrastinating about simple tasks. When we do that, we’re left with a long list of tasks that have to re-read, organized and prioritized, which costs us valuable time. By doing these simple things right away, we remove all that wasted time down the road.

Make a list of three outcomes you want to get out of today

So many of us are constantly making to-do lists every single day. But maybe instead of thinking of these as “to-do”, we should be thinking of them as “outcome lists.” Take time every morning to write down 3 outcomes you want to see happen that day. It can be anything from cleaning up your desk to getting more done on a project. Make this list daily and you’ll end up feeling pretty accomplished.

Download RescueTime to track how you spend time on your computer

We’re pretty big fans of apps. In fact, we’ve written about a few productivity boosting programs that actually do what they say they’ll do – make you more efficient. RescueTime is another great one. All you have to do is download it and it will run in the background of your computer. At the end of every week, it will shoot out a report of how much time you spent doing specific things and can also grade you on how productive you were. You can use this to figure out how much time you’re wasting or using wisely, which can really help your performance.

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Alyssa Shea

Alyssa Shea

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