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Menu Bar Apps Every Mac User Needs

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We talk a lot about apps and addons that will help save you a ton of time and actually help increase your productivity. These generally revolve around Android or iOS and PC. This leaves the portion of Mac users in the dark and saying, “But what about me?”

Apple Macs are pretty awesome machines. They’re known for their superior operating system, have the ability to say they generally have zero issues with viruses, and have pretty much all the software you might need pre-loaded. So why is it that most offices tend to use PC? Generally speaking, they’re cheaper and a lot simpler to use. But that doesn’t mean that many officers or telecommuters don’t use Macs to work. Thankfully, Paul Minors has released a list of the 14 most useful menu bar apps that every Mac owner should be taking advantage of right now! He’s even provided the cost of each item. I’ve pulled my favorites to shine a light on below.

MAC apps

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TripMode – US$7.99

This app is for Mac users that tend to find themselves working on the go. If you are desperately trying to save on your data usage, you definitely need this one. What it does is restrict certain apps from accessing the internet while you use your Personal Hotspot. Don’t waste your data on constant backups and syncing anymore!

Hazel – US$32.00

Since we all don’t have the time to sit and watch our folders to make sure everything is running smoothly and organized, Hazel can step in and save you some time.

  • Clear items from the downloads folder when they’re more than 7 days old.
  • Rename statements, receipts and invoices and move them to a separate folder where you keep everything organised.
  • Automatically convert images into PDFs.
  • Tag or add a label to a file if it contains certain keywords.

Hence why there’s a somewhat hefty price tag!

Evernote Clipper – Free

We’ve already discussed our love of Evernote in the past, but Apple has come up with a pretty great menu bar clipper that makes me love it even more.

“I use the menu bar note clipper (Cmd + ctrl + n) to quickly write notes and jot down key information (great for when I’m on the phone). Often I don’t even save these notes to Evernote, but this little menu bar clipper is great for using as a scratchpad.”

We all tend to scribble notes down while we’re working, especially while we’re on the phone. Now, you can have access to a quick note-taking tool that will save your thoughts rather than seeing them get accidentally crumpled up and thrown away.

1Password – $64.99 (single license) or $2.99/month (includes premium features)

If you’re like me and have dozens of logins for dozens of sites that you use on a daily basis, this one is an absolute must. No longer will you have to remember how many letters you capitalized or was if it your great grandmother’s birthday you used in the hazy rage of creating a unique password. This mini app will even recognize what site you happen to be visiting and suggest a password for you. It also syncs with iCloud and Dropbox. You will literally never have to remember another password again as they will all be stored in your 1Password account.

Backblaze – $5.00/month

I always forget to backup my computer. I honestly can’t tell you the last time I did it. Oh wait, that’s right, it was when my laptop gave me the blue screen of death and decided to start ruining my life. Luckily, I was able to log in and save some much needed files to an external hard drive which, unfortunately, many folks don’t seem to bother buying or using. Backblaze takes away the need to remember backing up your computer and simply just does it for you on the cloud.

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