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To Maximize Productivity: Work In Bursts

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If you want to get more done, it’s not about how much you’re at your desk. The number one productivity tip may be to work in bursts.

That’s the topic of a new article in Metro. They write:

Productivity consultant and author of “The Accomplishing More With Less Workbook” Pierre Khawand says: “When we are working a few minutes here and a few minutes there, we are staying at the superficial level and not getting deep into anything.” Here are his strategies for digging in deeper to get more work done.

Khawand’s book includes a brilliant little graphic that explains instantly how to increase your personal productivity:

Productivity Improvement: Bursts

What may be most interesting about this image is what appears on the vertical axis. It doesn’t say “activity” or “work”, but it measures results. That brings us to a larger point that we’ve been talking about for years here on The Methodology Blog: productivity is about defining results.

A good way to think about employee productivity at work—especially if you are a manager, or if you are talking to your manager about becoming more efficient—is to compare your tasks with fireworks. What matters is not just that you start doing something. Instead, you must be able to focus on a project for a continuous block of time. If you do, you’ll get the beautiful result. But if you are interrupted before you can make any real progress, you often feel you might as well start over.

Increasing Productivity: Fireworks

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If you want to get more done in your business, think fireworks. Imagine a company in which people set the stage, light a fuse, and stepped out of the way. With only a little bit of time to actually focus on making progress, your employees will amaze and illuminate everyone. That’s the secret to increasing productivity at work.

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