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Marketing Basics and Email Productivity

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No matter how much we advance in terms of technology, email will always remain as one of the biggest marketing tools. In this age, it’s important to remember the simple marketing techniques while traversing this world of social media.

We here at The Methodology Blog know how important email productivity is in marketing. We’re always researching ways to use this tool to its fullest abilities. Our business process consulting experts have spoken before about the importance of email in the workplace. So how has email remained such a constant when it comes to marketing? Probably because of its simplicity. While you may get some twirly bits to add on here and there to fancy it up, there hasn’t been much change to the process. It’s a bit of a comfort that it hasn’t evolved much over the years. You can sit down, open up your inbox, and start putting your marketing experience to use immediately.

But before you do that, there may be some tips you’re forgetting. Alan L. Shulman wrote an article for Insurance Journal that reminds us to use some basic marketing tips when composing your masterpiece. Check out their suggestions and our thoughts below!

email and marketing productivity

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1. Email isn’t free.

Don’t view your email as some disposable, free tool. Time is money and you will spend loads of your time setting up a solid mailing list. Also, check into using a service that will distribute emails for you. It takes a load off your back while also providing you with reports so you can check up on your progress. You will have to pay for a service like this but it’s well worth the investment.

2. Know what to expect.

Adjust your expectations. Don’t expect huge numbers. Shulman states:

There are two key metrics when measuring emails: the open rate (those who actually open it) and the click-through rate (those who also click on your URL). For marketing emails, the typical open rates are about 20 percent and the click through rate is around 3 percent.

3. Target your mailings.

Don’t just shoot off emails to anyone. Make sure that your emails are going to people who actually care about the information or product. Otherwise, you’re wasting not only their time, but yours as well.

4. Send actual information.

Your emails shouldn’t just consist of a sales pitch. Most people investigate and do their homework before purchasing or committing to anything. Try adding in some examples and tips to your messages. That way, you are informing them about what they need to know, which saves your readers time, too.

5. Subject lines.

Your subject line is the very first thing that someone sees. It’s important to grab their attention immediately. This is where the email service can also step in and help. Try out different subject lines and see what is actually causing someone to click on your email or click right past it.

6. From lines.

Did you know that you can change what your “From” line says? Rather than some generic email address, you can make it say whatever you’d like. You can choose anything from “Your neighborhood agency” to your own name. Personalize it!

7. Images.

Images are a good way to really reach out and grab your eye. Who wants to open up an email and be greeted by a big wall of text? Keep in mind, though, that most people have settings on their email that will not let images be displayed without their permission. Don’t integrate images into the message!

8. Links.

The ability to add links into messages is really important, but keep it simple! Don’t clunk up your email with multiple links. It can cause major confusion and frustration.

9. Experiment.

Trial and error is really important to this process. Try out a bunch of different subject and “From” lines. Use different links. See what works and what flops!

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