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Managing Lists and Email Marketing

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AccelaWork’s business process consulting expert, Robby Slaughter, contributed a post to Delivra’s blog about blog subscribers. You can read the post here. But for your convenience, it has been posted in its entirety below.

It might seem kind of sad to have birthday presents that never get unwrapped. They pile up year after year in a closet and are totally ignored. That’s what it is like to have a subscriber who never actually opens your marketing email.

Clearly, something is amiss. Maybe you have a bad address. Maybe your messages are being silently routed to spam. Maybe that person is too busy and deletes messages without reading them.


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Non-openers should be taken off your main list. The main list database is for people who actually read your messages. Instead the non-responsive should be put into a special list of problem prospects. Either something went wrong during the process of getting these names or when they opted-in to your newsletter.

Good email marketing packages let you quickly and easily manage lists. But the most important step comes after you’ve built a pattern of routinely moving non-openers to their own list. You need to establish time in your schedule to figure out what went wrong. Can you pick up the phone and call the prospect? Can you determine which sales rep or online form produced the name? Can you check with your email service provider to see about deliverability issues?  These names in the “gray area” are perhaps the greatest possible customers. You know they want your stuff but haven’t ever had the chance to get it!

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