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[INFOGRAPHIC] How to Make Employees Happy

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How can I make my employees happy, you ask? A new info graphic loaded with stats asks the question: “What Makes an Employee Happy.” But not all of the data seems quite right.

The original infographic on employee happiness comes from Take a look and then keep scrolling for our comments:

Employee Happiness Infographic


Our first comments are about work-life balance. It’s broadly true that if a company doesn’t demand unreasonable amounts of an employees time, those employees will appreciate it, right?

But if that’s the case, why do so many companies seek extremely loyal and passionate employees? And what about the company whose employees routinely pull an all-nighter to complete a major project?

Second, the infographic explains that employee happiness is tied to rewards. And while we do know that employees would rather have a cash bonus than an end-of-the-year party, we also know that supposed efficacy of rewards may be the biggest misconception in business.

We do agree with many of the suggestions about employee happiness. For example, breaks do increase productivity. And while pay is usually not the most important factor in employee retention, it’s certainly is one of the reasons. That’s one of the many reasons that managers interested in employee happiness should pay attention to compensation.

But the most important element of employee happiness is not really discussed at all in this infographic. As we covered in a previous post on employee satisfaction, the essential ingredient for a happy employee is meaningful work.

That’s what matters most. Make sure everyone on your team has the chance to contribute. Treat them with respect, and the rest will follow.

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