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[VIDEO] Mailbox: The App That Might Boost Your Email Productivity

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We all know how it feels to get slammed by emails. Sometimes it’s hard to keep up, and you end up missing an important message or emailing someone back about an important project. The creators of Mailbox decided that they, and all of us, have had enough of that.

Electronic mail is one of the most used communication tools. Instead of hopping on the phone with every single person you need to speak to, you can just shoot out a message. Gone are the days that you could get stuck talking on the phone while you tapped your fingers, hoping the conversation ended quickly. But the problem is that the whole process grew into a monster.

Every email service, be it Google, Yahoo or Outlook, tried to offer some solutions on how to handle your overflowing, barely hanging on inbox. And even though most of us embraced these options, it still seemed as though the surface was barely scratched. As James Pikover over at Gadget Review explained:

This method did not work well for me when the emails I received were no longer mostly press releases and pitches. When 9/10 emails are things to put on your to-do list, the game changes. The worst thing about coming back to a completely different style of workloads and workflows is finding that your tried and true system is no longer functional.

So what were we to do? Had we reached the end of the technology road when it came to dealing with this issue? Not quite. There’s a new app, built by Orchestra, called Mailbox. Check out the video below for a preview on how this little lifesaver works!

Mailbox, which was bought by Dropbox, is available for iPhone users only (be prepared to be placed on a waiting list.) The whole purpose is to help you get your messages down to zero. And this program’s every function is geared toward that end goal.

While our business process improvement consultants have spoken about ways to organize your email overload, we have to admit, this product is something that can permanently change the way we deal with our inbox nightmares. As long as you have an iPhone!

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Alyssa Shea

Alyssa Shea

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