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Landing The Job At The End Of Your Internship

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Summer internships are a good way for some to just past time and give the appearance of effort. But for others, it’s a make-or-break affair. If you want to land that full time position after your internship, there are some tips and tricks you should learn.

If you’re serious about interning and have the desire to begin a career with that company, then you really need to step up to the plate and dive into your internship fully prepared. Business Insider has provided some pretty amazing ideas on how you can actually snag that position you’re lusting after once your internship ends.


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Tell your boss you want the job

Be frank. Really, lay your cards on the table and tell your boss how much you want the position. CEO, Lauren Berger, stated:

“If a student is at an internship that’s known for giving a large percentage of interns job offers, they should ask questions at the beginning of their internship to make sure they understand the process of getting a job offer from their internship,” Berger says. “If they are at a smaller company, they should set a meeting with their supervisor halfway through the internship and clearly communicate that they’d be interested in an employment opportunity.”

Put yourself out there

You want to leave a lasting impression? You need to network. As the article stated:

“Introduce yourself to those around you,” Augustine says. Don’t be afraid to invite a coworker for lunch or a cup of coffee. Remember, this is the start of your professional network. The people you meet during your internship may become valuable sources for references, job leads, or even mentors during your future job search.”

Take it seriously

You may find that some people who are snagging internships aren’t all that invested. Maybe they were forced into it by their parents or are just looking to note something on their resume without any real effort. An intern position is as big of a deal as working a permanent position because it very well could become your job…if you want it enough.

Be so good they can’t ignore you

In the game of interning, it’s easier to get noticed for bombing a task rather than really excelling at it. Climbing the ladder and knocking off your competition to claim bragging rights is important. You want to have done such an amazing job completing a task that they absolutely can’t ignore you and have to give you some recognition.

Advocate for yourself

No one else is going to speak up for you. You are your #1 fan.

“This is where quantified impact statements — preferably in terms of dollars, hours or percentages — come into play,” says Babbitt. “How much money or time did you save? How did you exceed expectations and by how much? Through humble brags, during feedback sessions and certainly on your LinkedIn page, let people know how you’ve directly contributed to the success of the organization.”

Befriend the gatekeepers

As it is with everything in life, having connections makes your life ten times easier. Becoming buddies with those in charge of new hires or maybe past interns who have landed the full time gig would be great people to get to know. Plus, it always helps to have someone escape your office with during lunchtime.

Be easy to work with

Quick, think of the perfect coworker. What image pops up in your head? Someone easygoing, gets their work done right and on time, and leaves you with a positive vibe? This is the type of professional that you should be striving to become.

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