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Jack Nicklaus Teaches Concentration And Confidence

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What can we learn from Jack Nicklaus and his impressive career? He taught us to improve our concentration to reach our goals!

Jack Nicklaus won 117 professional tournaments during his incredible career! Nicklaus won a record 18 Majors (Masters, US Open, British Open, PGA). Jack Nicklaus won his final Major, the Masters, in 1986 at age 46 – his record 6th Masters Title. Jack Nicklaus hosts a tournament, the Memorial, in Muirfield, Ohio at a course that Nicklaus helped design. Jack Nicklaus is a Buckeye, he was born in Columbus, Ohio, and attended Ohio State. Jack Nicklaus is the greatest golfer of all-time! Tiger Woods is number two. Tiger gave Jack a run for his money – winning 15 Majors; however, Nicklaus won 18.

When Jack Nicklaus came on to the scene, he immediately was very successful, but he was not very popular. Nicklaus defeated Arnold Palmer when Arnie was enjoying a great deal of success and popularity. Arnold Palmer was a great golfer and a very nice man, but Jack Nicklaus could not be stopped. Palmer was daring and aggressive on the golf course while Nicklaus was methodical and cerebral. In fact, Bob Knight, who attended Ohio State the same time Nicklaus did, said he thought one reason Jack Nicklaus was so successful was that “Nicklaus never did anything stupid.”

Jack Nicklaus

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Jack Nicklaus’ concentration was incredible! He would seemingly stand over putts forever and then make them! Jack Nicklaus said, “Concentration is the antidote to anxiety.” Nicklaus had the confidence to pull that off. In fact, Jack Nicklaus had confidence in abundance. He also had great skills, and he was fiercely competitive. Put it all together and you can safely say that Nicklaus should be considered number one! Recently, he gave out some advice on common faults found in downswings that could help improve your game. Here is some advice about those who don’t release from the top of the swing.

“Now let’s take the second fella, and that fella is a fella who does not release the club from the top of the swing and he holds onto it,” Nicklaus says. “What he does, he takes a nice backswing, he holds onto the club which throws him outside, and throws him out over across the ball, resulting in either a slice or a pull hook.”

It takes time and commitment to sort out your swing as well as concentrating on how to improve if you want to become successful. If improving your focus is something that you struggle with, you might want to take a look at these tips from Mark Brown. He discussed how focusing on your goals and feedback is the best way to find success.

Now is the time for just one thing–reaching your goal. It is amazing what a little bit of focus can achieve when you need to get something done. Make today the day that you can achieve something you have been working on for a long time.

Concentration can be incredibly difficult, especially in a workplace environment. When you work with other people every day, they can be a big source of stress in your life. This would be the perfect time to turn to other leaders for some guidance.

Learning to block out background noise, noisy co-workers, or other issues that are weighing on your mind can be incredibly difficult. Everyone will have different methods that work best for them and their own situations. Take the time to figure out what works for you. Explore different options such a meditation or focused breathing techniques. You can improve your concentration through these techniques and leave yourself with a clear pathway toward reaching your goals!

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