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An Indianapolis Speaker Speaks Out on Social Media Policies

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In a guest post for Tipping Point Marketing, Robby Slaughter, an Indianapolis speaker and consultant, complains about social media policies. You don’t need them, he insists. They are bad, bad, bad.

The post is titled You Don’t Need a Social Media Policy (But Keep Reading). Slaughter opens with:

I am opposed to social media policies. I think they are a terrible idea. As far as boneheaded workplace ideas go, a social media policy is somewhere between an anonymous suggestion box (stupid!) and handing out counteroffers to employees that are heading to another job (insulting!)

Policies are procedures are a common theme here on The Methodology Blog. We’ve covered creativity policies, internet access policies and more. And Robby Slaughter was even quoted in the Wall Street Journal on the topic of social media policy.

The common theme is that at work, attempts to control employees are always something to be cautious about.

Social Media Policies - Computer Under Lockdown

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Slaughter continues in his guest post:

The word “policy” sounds an awful lot like the word “police.” An employer is not a territorial government that has the right to create and enforce laws. Work is not a place you go, it’s a thing you do. Work is creative, technical, or physical endeavor done in concert with other people to advance a collective mission. If you have to do much policing among those people it probably makes sense to find different people to work with. Lots of bureaucratic language describing allowed behavior pretty much takes all the fun out of doing anything meaningful at a job.

There’s more to the conversation. Check out the full post for more information.

And when you’re ready to talk about ways to change your organization from one defined by policies to one defined by results, call one of our Indianapolis speakers and consultants.

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