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Indianapolis Speakers: The Right Marketing Strategy For Your Business

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You’ve been to see speakers in Indianapolis, whether at networking events, conferences, or training. But most business marketing departments tend to spend their money on passive forms of advertising and awareness. Why not leverage speakers and build an audience for your brand?

There are several major advantages to using local, Indianapolis speakers for your Central Indiana firm:

  • Impact – Promotional products, billboards and radio advertisements have their place, but all of them interrupt people when they are trying to do something else. A speaker at an event is an invitation to create an audience.
  • Relevance – An out-of-town speaker isn’t going to know the challenges and opportunities that face Hoosiers. But a local Indianapolis-based speaker will be able to talk intelligently about the issues of the day.
  • Cost – What is it worth to get a prospect into your offices or in front of your sales staff? Most other marketing programs are designed to provide brand awareness. Hiring presenters means that prospects will come to you.
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If you’re thinking about hiring an Indianapolis speaker, however, don’t make the classic mistake of just arranging for one program. The time, effort and coordination required to put together a single speaking event makes it hard to recover your investment.

That’s why we here at AccelaWork offer a customized speaker series. You select the theme, choose from our menu of experts, schedule the dates you want in the months ahead, and we take care of the rest.

Your marketing budget is limited. Choose wisely how you spend it.

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