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Improving Worker Productivity By Learning Your Keyboard

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When it comes to productivity, we often turn to computers for quick results. Yet, ironically, the functions that are designed to increase usability are often times neglected. Robby Slaughter, founder of Slaughter Development, discusses the power of ALT + TAB keys in a guest post on The Marketing Tech blog.

In The Power of ALT and TAB, Robby points out:

Take some time to learn ALT+TAB. You’ll be faster with the machine and able to get more work done. But more importantly, recognize that keys like ALT are really about changing the mode of the systems around us. ALT is like the difference between working at your desk and talking on the phone. It’s about switching to a different state.

Context-switching is the biggest cost in productivity. Every interruption presents the opportunity to forget what you were doing. Figure out what you do that requires you to change your focus, even if it’s from the keyboard to the mouse. You’ll find your workflow runs smoother and you’ll get more done.

improving worker productivity and computer use

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Its hard to imagine that making small changes in workflow will create large enough results to actually matter. However, tweaking a process, even if only shaving off seconds of additional work, can and will certainly affect overall productivity. As the old adage says, “Every little bit counts.” Nothing could be more true; particularly when it comes to achieving efficiency.

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