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Improving Employee Productivity: Cursing In The Workplace

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Employee behavior in a professional setting should mean appropriate language. So why are researchers saying that swearing at work can actually be productive?

That’s the gist of this study highlighted in the Business Insider. The piece explained:

In the modern workplace, does cursing affect how your co-workers view you and if yes, is it a bad or good thing? What about words that are meant to take the place of actual swearing, such as “WTF” or “B.S.”?

Researchers at the University of East Anglia in the U.K. found in a study that swearing actually helped co-workers build relationships with one another and enabled them to express their feelings.

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We’ve covered the topic of workplace productivity and jargon as well as the issue of dealing with sarcastic employees and worker productivity. But the question of foul language takes the prize. Why should it be beneficial to use uncivil language at the office?

The answer is that work should not be so stressful that we feel the need to use profanity. That’s not the good kind of productivity growth stress. Instead, the desire to throw out angry epithets proves that too much is going wrong at work.

Science has shown that in the case of injury, swearing reduces pain.  The same mechanism should not be at work in the office. If we’re here to be more productive and more efficient, we need to find ways to empower and support each other rather than yell and curse. Uncontrolled emotions have no place in routine business.

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