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[PODCAST] Improving During COVID-19

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Many of us had to change our daily routines lately and it’s left us in somewhat of a rut when it comes to creativity or improving communication skills. Can we still grow during this pandemic?

Rhoda Israelov spoke with Becker Group Business Leadership® on their Women’s Leadership Podcast and had some amazing insight to share with us. Rhoda owns Say It For You and has had an impressive career so she knows a thing or two about content creation. She wants to help us to learn how to find new customers and keep them coming back! Rhoda wanted to reach out to experienced and new entrepreneurs with some advice on how to find success.

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Treasure Your Relationship Treasures

It’s easy to get caught up on the smaller issues that might get in the way of building and growing your relationships. Take the time to reflect on the relationships that are key to your business. That means people like working partners, employees, subcontractors, or people you work for. Pick out the things about them that speak to you and resolve to focus on those rather than their flaws. That way, you can get the best out of them, and they will get the best from you because you won’t be hung up on flaws.

Use Changes From COVID-19 To Reflect On Your Daily Routine

Because of COVID, we have had to change our work existence. Most of us have had to begin working from home which can cause a big change in your productivity. We talked about how coronavirus is affecting productivity recently and had some advice to share as well.

Take A Break

It’s easy to get sucked into your work and burn yourself out quickly. That’s because, unlike when you head into work, your job is just right there waiting for you. It’s staring you in the face all day. You don’t have to leave and commute home or go out for a bite to eat at lunchtime. That’s why it’s so important to take a break, or a few, throughout the workday. Turn off your monitor, leave your phone on your desk if you have to. Get some air and recharge!

Rhoda shared her tips on how you can use this time to reflect. Focus on the parts of your day that bring you joy rather than the smaller details that you may not like. Spend time on the aspects that you love!

Read Around To Improve Your Content

It’s easy to stick to things that you’re familiar with because it’s comfortable. Instead, you should keep reading around, regardless of whether or not it relates directly to your field. Rhoda shared that she likes to go to a magazine rack and pick something at random that has nothing to do with her hobbies or work. This can allow you to gain insight into other fields and interests so that you can include them in your work. Use this information to help you understand aspects of your own business better!

This year has been difficult when it comes to growth. What can we do this year to improve the business? Rhoda has shared her plans in the hopes that it might inspire all of us, too.

  • Online Networking
  • Networking in person is basically off the table due to the pandemic. Now is the time to learn more about networking online and how you can use the internet to meet new people!

  • Form New Subcontracting Relationships
  • Rhoda has a great idea when it comes to expanding her business. She’s focusing on finding new relationships with webmasters and marketing businesses to become part of the overall service they provide to clients. Are there partnerships that you can explore?

  • How To Reinvent Yourself Post-COVID-19
  • Many people are working from home so many office buildings will be left empty. Some companies are turning them into apartments! How can you use this time to focus on personal growth and change?

Listen to the podcast below or see it on the Becker Group Women’s Leadership Podcast

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Alyssa Shea

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