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The Importance of Regular Upkeep

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One article highlighted six different household tasks that, if done on a yearly basis, could save thousands of dollars in home repair. After reading the information, you may reach one simple conclusion: upkeep is important.

Difficult as it is to shell out a hundred dollars here, a hundred dollars there for maintenance, it is an essential part to the prevention of larger problems. As discussed in a recent article, upkeep is especially important for homeowners:

In this economy, you may be tempted to delay or even skip minor home maintenance repairs, cleaning jobs and inspections in your home. But don’t be penny-wise and dollar-foolish. That $200 or $300 you save today could result in expenditures of $3,000 or even tens of thousands next month or next year if hidden problems in your home go unnoticed and become worse.
Consider coughing up a little dough to take care of these small jobs before they morph into gigantic, expensive jobs later.

business process improvement consultants talk home repair

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This article brought up a very important, yet very underrated notion about active precaution. For many of us, the idea is quite simple and relatively easy—be proactive in care and reap the benefits. Yet, our our productivity consultants know that sometimes it’s easier said than done. After all, continual upkeep doesn’t just cost us money. It costs us time. And for many of us, it is the latter that becomes the deterrent to our success.

With your home, failing to maintain your HVAC system could lead to a very hot few days in the summer. Or, depending on where you live, the need to move to a hotel for a few days while your house is being fixed. But when it comes to your business, you could be set behind years.

For example: a company we know of had a system where all contacts where tracked by phone number, email, and address. Unfortunately, when the system was first put in place, it was extremely disorganized. The goal for employees involved getting as many companies into the system, so they tended to rush the process. Multiple contacts from the same company were listed separately. Emails were left off. Phone numbers didn’t always have the area code included.

Instead of fixing these problems little by little, they compounded over months of time. The entries stayed sloppy, and organization failed. It ultimately reached the point where the system was nearly unusable. It was then that the company had to hire temps to fix the system, not only creating an extended period of time where those contacts couldn’t be accessed, but sinking thousands of dollars in additional wages into a problem that could’ve been fixed little by little. If each person who saw an error took the minute to correct it, the problem would’ve been prevented from getting out of hand.

That’s one small example of the countless others that could be brought up to illustrate this very important point. Unfortunately, stalling on or neglecting processes can lead to extreme disorganization, loss of productivity, decreased value, or even loss of motivation. These problems are all expensive, time consuming and/or difficult to mend. So is there an easy and convenient way to recuperate the broken process of upkeep in your home or office? Absolutely!

We help offices and business professionals across Indianapolis identify problematic processes that wreck productivity and interrupt workflow. So if you are looking to take that first step toward renewing your day to day work, consider contacting business consulting experts like the team at AccelaWork. We’ll help you transform tasks into productive, well-maintained actions that will help your upkeep keep up with you.

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