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The Importance of Pride in Your Work

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Here’s a secret that everyone from consultants to managers to teachers know: if you have pride in your work, you’ll find success in your life. That’s the theme of a guest post submitted by a member of our team.

The post is by our own Robby Slaughter and appears on the Delivra blog. When it comes to email marketing, Slaughter writes about that the campaigns we have done here at AccelaWork:

Let’s be honest. You get a lot of email. That’s true of almost everybody these days, not just people looking for email marketing advice or those who work for an email marketing firm.

That means that you’re probably fairly aggressive when it comes to judging other people’s email campaigns. It’s likely that when you see a piece that isn’t too impressive, you hit the delete button. Or worse, you unsusbcribe.

Indianapolis Consultants: A Guest Post on Email Design

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The post goes on to explain various details about this email campaign, including elements such as brand alignment, personalization, and including a call to action. But what’s most significant about the entire post is pride of ownership. We’re proud of the marketing work we do here at AccelaWork, and we’re happy to talk about what we have learned and are open to learning more.

Furthermore, ee’ve covered the topic of employee ownership before here on The Methodology Blog. The bottom line is that when individuals are truly invested in the work they are conducting, they will not only get more done—they will care more about the quality of the results.

As Indianapolis-based consultants and speakers, caring about the results of our customers is genuinely important. Guest posts about our email campaigns are one way to show our dedication. Just like our seminars, our client engagements, and our other activities in the community, passion for the work and belief that we can help others is what drives us every day.

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