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Hack Into Your Brain’s Potential

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Do you feel like your brain just can’t quite catch up to all the things you need to do in a day? Or how about that nice little fog that settles in sometime in the afternoon, completely ruining your productivity. It’s about time to shake loose the cobwebs and spice things up in there, don’t you think?

The writers at My Soul Temple have come out with some pretty interesting ideas on how you can wake you brain up and make it start doing some work. Before you begin perusing the list, let me warn you, some of these sound a bit strange. In fact, you may find yourself chuckling. We here at The Methodology Blog are big believers in feeding your brain so that you can get the best performance out of it. Just like a muscle, it needs to be exercised daily to keep it strong and healthy. Before long, you may find that you’ve plateaued and aren’t making much progress. And just like anyone who exercises regularly knows, you have to switch up your routine so your body doesn’t become complacent and bored. This is when these little hacks will help the most!

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1. Start your Day with your non-dominant hand

This just makes me cringe a little. If I even attempt to open a door or do my makeup with my non-dominant hand, it feels like a stranger had taken control of my body. But it will definitely confuse your brain for a few moments and shake things up. Practice makes perfect!

2. Take the 7 Words Challenge

Want to pump up those creative juices? This challenge will do that. So what’s so hard about it? You have to write a short story using only 7 words. They say it will boost your Twitter and Facebook posting skills but for a writer, it can be the difference between boredom and genius.

3. Wear your watch upside down

Don’t look at me like that. I know what you’re thinking. It sounds really sort of…stupid, right? Except every time you go to glance at your watch, which is normally such a passive action, it will take effort. Effort makes your brain kick into gear.

4. Turn off the GPS and take new routes

For someone who is direction-challenged such as myself, this sounds horrifying. But I can honestly tell you there are times I have driven to and from a destination and have no recollection of how I even got there thanks to my brain’s autopilot mode. Make your mind work for it!

5. Count backwards

It’s not just counting backwards but also some interesting exercises, too!

  • Beginning at 100, count backward, subtracting 4 each time (96, 92, 88…).
  • Beginning at 175, count backward, subtracting 3 each time (172, 169, 166…).
  • Beginning at 250, count backward, subtracting 7 each time (243, 236, 229…).

6. Name the objects that start with ‘M’ and end with ‘R’

Sort of like playing games on long car rides, this falls into the same category. It makes your brain work. They say you should time yourself and see how many you can get without repeats. I’m sitting at a minute with “manager” so I’m guessing I already lose.

7. Rearrange names of days and months alphabetically

Similar to the last suggestion, this is a way to give your mind a little exercise to wake up. You could even do the alphabet backwards in your head. Little brain games will keep you on your toes!

Need more ideas on how to become sharper and more productive in your office? Reach out to AccelaWork today to learn more about how we can help.

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Alyssa Shea

Alyssa Shea

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