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Five Workplace Productivity Secrets

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Great advice is that which stands the test of time. Here are five productivity tips that make serious sense.

As reported on AOL’s finance section, the five ideas are as follows:

  1. OBLITERATE the Internet
  2. DEDICATE a space
  3. DELEGATE your tasks
  4. MOTIVATE yourself
  5. MASTICATE the frog
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These tips are worth breaking down in a little more detail:

Obliterate the Internet

While the internet is a great tool for helping productivity, it can also suck up your attention in ways that you don’t expect. A quick check of Facebook can lead to an interesting video popping up on your home page. Watching that three minute video takes you to a related video that you simply can’t skip. That video leads to an article that further clarifies the topic. Next thing you know 30 minutes of productivity have been sucked up by simply checking Facebook. Know when to use the internet and when you need to remove it in order to fight off any distractions.

Dedicate a Space

Even those of us who work in a home office may need to feel like we’re going to a place of business. For me, that took shape in the form of a desk that I only sit at when I’m doing paid work. Anything else I want to do on my computer, I do at my other desk or on the couch. Even a small trick like that can do wonders to make sure that when you’re supposed to be working, you’re in the working mindset.

Delegate your Tasks

The original article provides a much better anecdote about this than we could:

John Olson, CEO of Graystone Industries, one of the 10 largest pond, waterfall and fountain distributors in the U.S., tries to free himself up to do the work only he can do. “My wife reminds me that when I work in our business I make $200-$300 an hour,” he says. “When I work around the house I save the $10-$15 an hour that I have to pay the local handyman.”

Olson’s wife makes an excellent point. Look at all the time you have as billable hours, and you’ll soon find where you can best allocate your most precious resource: time.

Motivate Yourself

The last pair of tips are a little more profound. Author Marc Actio quotes a business expert on the topic of self-motivation:

Certified coach Marsha Egan suggests placing a $ sign next to every activity on your To Do list that will impact your business’s bottom line. “This is a quick way to make sure you are working on the tasks that will enhance your business,” she says.

If you have items on your To Do list that won’t impact the bottom line, maybe it’s time to re-evaluate whether those things are tasks you should really do or whether you need to re-vist tip #3.

Masticate the Frog

It’s an old country saying: “If the hardest thing you have to do today is eat a frog, then eat the frog FIRST!” Prioritization is key to productivity. Why spend the day dreading a task you know you are ultimately going to have to do? Knock it out of the way at the start of your day and you’ll find you’re able to tackle the rest of your duties without the feeling of a weight hanging over your head. Not only will you be more productive when it comes to that other work, but you won’t have the stress that comes inherent with thinking about an unpleasant and difficult task.

These five tips are holding up well!

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