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Five Quirky Tips to Boost Your Productivity

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As an Indianapolis consulting practice, we’re always interested in ways to help organizations and individuals increase productivity. But sometimes the most important productivity advice is to think differently.

That’s the advice of an article about improving productivity from MediaBistro. They quote Maria Tabaka:

The goal is to break your current, negative state by disrupting it with something that will ‘shock’ your internal chemist into action. Here are a few things I suggest you try to jump-start your productivity by adding some positivity. I admit a lot of them might make you look like a crazy person, but, in the pursuit of productivity, I’m willing to try anything.

Improving Productivity: Quirky Advice

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The list of quirky tips to improve productivity includes suggestions like “Phone a friend.” They write:

In this techie age, you may not be able to recall the last time you physically talked to a friend after all of your texts and Facebook messages. Seriously, pick up the phone even if it’s to leave a quick message to let your friend know you wanted to say hi.

We’ve covered breaking the routine before. A guest post by Bethany Shepard here noted that productivity and innovation requires mixing it up. She writes:

Trial and error defines human existence and should never be hammered away just out of fear of the unknown. Try new things, give failures another go, and push away the fear of being wrong.

Perhaps a key secret to increasing productivity is the same as improving employee retention. When we encourage people to try something unexpected there’s a chance that the new perspective will help them break through and find new levels of success.

Who cares if productivity tips are “quirky?” Isn’t it the results and the culture that matter most? And if someone finds your approach “too unusual,” that may be the ultimate sign that you need to head somewhere new.

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