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Finish the Year Right With These 5 Steps

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So far 2020 has been…interesting. There have been plenty of funny social media memes to sum up this year and we aren’t even through the year yet.

That’s right, there are only three more months for us all to experience, enjoy, and learn from. There has been enough bad, strange, and scary news over the past seven months that some business owners are surely fearful of what to do, I’ve noticed some feel they are powerless. Well, if that’s you, I have big news for you. You’re not powerless!

Here are 5 steps to finish 2020 in a big way!



Step 1 – Remember when!

Remember when you started in business and rediscover your why! Why did you start in business in the first place? One of my clients, Donna from Know Sweat Workouts, started in business to “rid the world of obesity.” Now that is a “why” and a BIG one! As a matter of fact, the enormity of Donna’s “why” pulls her through some of the rough times. Spend at least an hour rediscovering what your WHY was (is) in the first place. That will be the vision to guide you on what to do and what not to do.

Step 2 – Find what’s missing!

There are only 4 ways to grow a business.

    1. Get more clients.
    2. Get your current clients to buy more from you.
    3. Get your clients to buy from you more often.
    4. Improve on any one of the three mentioned. Discover what it is for you that needs improvement.

Consult great books like “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People” by Stephen Covey and the E-Myth by Michael Gerber for general ideas. Books like “Let’s Get Real or Let’s Not Play “ is a great book on sales by Mahan Khalsa and Randy Illig.

Step 3 – Take Action!

As my friend, C.J. Hayden, author of “Get Clients Now!” says, “Procrastination, fear, and self-sabotage kill more small businesses than external factors like economic conditions and changes in the marketplace.” Take the things you need to do from Step 2 above and boil it down to three important things you need to do each day. Keep track of doing them, day by day in your journal. You need to follow this one rule though. If one of the three doesn’t get done, you may carry it over but it cannot be one of the 3 important things for the next day. You need to have 3 new things each and every day. Your list can be more than three and most times will be much longer.

Step 4 – Get Help!

Who or what can provide the help you need to succeed? “It’s a rare entrepreneur indeed who is completely self-motivating, knows everything necessary to build a successful business and already possesses all the skills required,” says C.J. Hayden one of the people I ask for help on a regular basis. Take a class to learn more about sales or finances ask a friend who they know that might be able to help. This publication is full of resources just waiting for you to take advantage of them. Make the call and have a cup of coffee. Leave your ego at the door and be curious.

Step 5 – Keep Track and Be Flexible!

With your efforts, notice, are you making progress? Are you moving in the direction you wish? If not make adjustments and make them quickly. Then notice again. Are the changes working? Do what you need to do to fulfill your vision.

It’s time to take back your power and create your own future as an entrepreneur. Put pessimism on hold, and surround yourself with people who believe in you. Make smart choices about what will make a difference in your business, then take action on what you choose. You can do this!

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Jack Klemeyer

Jack Klemeyer

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