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Europe Leads in IT Efficiency

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The US is falling behind counterparts in Europe in providing beneficial technology services, according to a study by Computer Associates. The issues are not with product knowledge, expertise or system availability, but the quality of processes.

An article from siliconrepublic outlines the main points:

The research found that the alignment of IT and business is a priority for most companies, but highlighted a marked difference in how European businesses are trying to achieve it.

“In the UK we see a much greater assessment of IT change on business output using process fundamentals,” explained Bannister.”

“For instance, businesses are starting to relate a server failure to whether a customer gets their order delivered, not just to an availability metric.”

“The important thing for the IT industry is to remember that these discussions are at a process level, not a product level.”

Process Improvement - Map of Europe

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That final quote may be the most crucial. Discussions in technology improvement must happen at a process level, not a product level. And in truth, all process improvement consulting starts with the patterns themselves, not the industry and certainly not the tools that are involved.

If a department in your company is not as responsive or effective as you feel they should be, the challenges may not be with funding or competence but with workflow and process. Any business service that benefits stakeholders should be evaluated and maintained for the benefit of those affected. Contact the process improvement consultants to seek help improving the efficiency of your corporate operation, whether in technology, sales, production, accounting or elsewhere.

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